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Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend is married: Who is Nicole Poturalski?

The husband of Brad’s new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski isn’t the first husband to find out his wife has a crush on Pitt. However, he is the first one to give a blessing to an affair with the heart-throb.

The German model Nicole, 27, was linked to Brad Pitt last week. Soon after, it was revealed that she is married to a 68-year-old restaurant owner. 

Poturalski has been married to Mr. Mary for eight years. Now, there are claims that they have an open marriage. Also, supposedly, she has met Brad Pitt at her husband’s restaurant. Mr. Mary has been married four times, and he didn’t say anything about his wife and Brad Pitt and his marital arrangements.

The only logical explanation is that they do have an open marriage, and that is why his wife publicly celebrates her romance with the Oscar-winning actor.


Brad Pitt and Nicole were spotted arriving at an airport 

The 56-year-old actor and the model arrived at an airport on the outskirts of Paris from L.A. on August 26. They arrived on Brad’s private jet. Then, the couple went to Brad Pitt’s (and Jolie’s) chateau in France. The Chateau Miraval is a £50 million wine estate where he married Angelina Jolie. They still own it jointly.

We must admit that Nicole is one lucky girl! Imagine, the world is in havoc, but you are wrapped in your prince’s strong arms in a French castle. Maybe not her husband, but everyone else is jealous that they are enjoying a vacation together. 

Poturalski and Pitt may have been together for 9 months

While this relationship feels brand-new, it turns out they have been dating for nine months. There are photos of the couple at Kanye West’s Hollywood Bowl concert in November 2019. They are clearly flirting with each other, so if they started their relationship there, they have been together longer than we imagined. In the pictures, they look like they are enjoying a cozy date night.

Brad Pitt

Though Brad and Angelina have been separated for 4 years, custody battles for their French chateau and their 6 kids have delayed their divorce. Supposedly, some friends introduced Brad and Nico, but when they started seeing each other, they didn’t tell anyone about it. Brad has been private about his love life because he didn’t want to rock the boat with Angelina. He has been dedicated to making his co-parenting run smoothly. The former couple is still in the midst of divorce proceedings. Brad and Angelina continue to battle it out for their children. So, we can say their divorce is quite messy

Brad Pitt

Who is Nicole Poturalski?

The bombshell is a successful fashion model and a mom to one child. She occasionally posts about her son Emil on Instagram. She has graced the cover of German ELLE and is signed to Next Management in LA and A Management in Germany. The German model is probably based in Berlin.


Besides beauty, she has brains, and her ten years in the fashion world have helped her become multilingual. Nico can speak in 5 different languages! Apparently, before she became a model, she hoped to be a marine biologist.

Nicole has been posting about a special someone since February. She wrote in a post that she misses her love, and if the timeline is correct could be Brad Pitt!


Gwyneth Paltrow released her first vibrator

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to selling a variety of wonderful wellness products, like her bondage-style bras, vagina-scented candles, and crystal-infused water bottles.

Gwyneth Paltrow on her healthy lifestyle platform Goop has sold vibrators for many years, but the brand has never created one. Until now. 

When you think of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle and wellness brand, Goop, expensive vagina-related products probably come to mind. Who remembers the gold vibrator that cost $15,000? We certainly do! Oh, and do you remember the controversial jade egg or the 24-karat gold sex toy? And no one can forget the instantly-viral candle – “This Smells like My Vagina” that sold out in two hours. 


Well, this Valentine’s Day, Goop added an item to their repertoire: the brand’s first vibrator.

Meet Gwyneth Paltrow’s extraordinary vibrator 

She announced her vibrator with an original post on Instagram. It is a pink and white vibrator, which is sold for $95 on the brand’s site. The intimate ‘wand’ doubles as a ‘massager’ and comes equipped with practical parts, such as a battery with an LED display. The vibrator has already sold out – and has a growing waitlist.

The new Double-Sided Wand Vibrator includes a bendy, slim end for internal or clitoral or internal stimulation and a ball-shaped wand for external vibrations. Both sides offer 8 pulsating patterns, and they vary in intensity. So, you will get 64 different combinations to choose from.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The vibrator’s LED battery life is one of the features that you will appreciate the most.  It allows you to see how much charge you have left, thus you will avoid the awkward moment when your toy dies just as things are getting so much better. Her team spent a year and a half developing the vibrator, and they accomplished creating a toy that is pure art.  

They also wanted the vibrator to be user-friendly and versatile for anyone, regardless of people’s experience level. So, the vibrator’s pulsating patterns and unique sensations will bring satisfaction to an experienced vibrator user, but it will also be approachable for a first-time user. 

Of course, the vibrator’s silicone is “body-safe” and hypo-allergenic as well as chemical-free. 

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Sex is an important topic for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

Sex is always an important topic for her brand Goop. The media empire is constantly boosting interest in sexuality and health through a series of announcements, workshops, podcasts, and even Netflix’s new The Goop Lab, which it’s a must-watch! 

Goop’s marketing department insists that vibrators not only help you experience sexual pleasure but also improve sleep, mood, and reduce stress.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand always aims to help eliminate shame and encourage sexual exploration. Thira Burns, MS, Goop’s director of product development, wellness, said “We start by listening to experts—and in this case, the best experts are women who are in pursuit of pleasure and seeking more. Through dialogue at past In Goop Health wellness summits, focus groups, and the response to our Netflix show, we learned that there was some simple utility missing from some of the most popular devices.”

What are you waiting for? It’s time for some intensive vibrations! 

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