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Celebrities who decided not to become mothers

Every person’s definition of success is different. But it seems that society equates parenting with success.

Being a mother isn’t in the cards for everyone. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are choosing not to become mothers, all for different reasons.

Motherhood can be scary, beautiful, and indeed, the greatest gift that a woman can have in her lifetime, but that isn’t the case (nor should it have to be) for every woman. These celebrities have expressed their lack of desire to have children and by doing that they put an end to the idea that parenthood is the true definition of success. We all should learn from these celebrities!


Kim Cattrall

Much like the fiery Samantha in Sex and the City, Kim puts freedom first and foremost in life. She admits that when she was a child, she dreamt about having a hundred dogs and a hundred children.

Sex and the City Kim Cattrall Style | Pictures | POPSUGAR Fashion

However, she realized that much of the pressure to become a mother came from outside, and she knew she was not ready to step into motherhood. 

Jennifer Aniston

If any celebrity was faced with pregnancy rumors, it is Jennifer Aniston. The former “Friends” star faced constant speculations about her body, to the point of which she has been forced to fire back at the gossips.

Jennifer Aniston celebrities

Jennifer said she believes the rumors spread a sexist idea about how women’s lives should look like or how women should find happiness. She said that it is nobody’s right to talk and judge someone else’s choices. On one occasion, the popular American actress said that she feels bad when people ask her if she plans to have children. So, stop asking this rude question! People’s ideas of what a fulfilled and happy life is might be different from yours.

Renée Zellweger 

Often, society makes assumptions about where a woman of a certain age should be in the timeline of her life. For Renée, these sexist expectations mean nothing!

Picture of Renée Zellweger celebrities

Renee said she was happy and content with her life, and she did not need children for that. On one occasion, however, she admitted that one day she would be happy to have children. But she had not yet found the right person to start a family with.


Sarah Paulson

The 45-year-old actress disclosed that she has had her eggs frozen if she decides to have a child in the future. The “Ocean’s 8” actress said that she loves kids but that she is also impulsive. She is afraid that she would have children and then regret it. 


She hasn’t used her eggs yet.

Rashida Jones

The 44-year-old star has learned to be content with life, with or without marriage or children.

Rashida Jones  celebrities

However, she admitted that she felt like a loser for not having those things. It took her a long time to finally get to a place where she is okay with not being a mother or married.

Kylie Minogue

Though the international star has achieved unheard-of success with her songs, motherhood is not something she is focused on. She admits that there is a bit of sadness for that, but she does not get caught up in it.


However, Kylie is open to raising her partner’s children: “There’s a high probability, if/when I meet someone, that they will have children anyway. So I could imagine being a stepmom.” Kylie is dating Paul Solomons, who, like her, does not have children. 

Betty White

Okay, we are a bit disappointed with this one, only because we wish she could be our grandma.


However, she White admitted that she has never regretted the decision to not have kids. She did not choose to have children because she was focused on her career, and she believes she could not manage both.


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Miley Cyrus opens up about her alcohol addiction

The Disney alum has always been open about her experience with alcohol and drugs. And like many people during the pandemic, she has gone through some ups and downs with substance.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Miley Cyrus has discussed her journey with sobriety, and she honestly opened up about relapsing.

Miley Cyrus opened up about her alcohol problems, saying she stopped drinking again, mainly because she feared she would die at the age of 27. This age was the end for many of her colleagues such as Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, and Jim Morrison.


Apple Music’s Zane Lowe asked the singer about her sobriety. Miley Cyrus clarified that recently during the pandemic she had broken her sobriety by drinking alcohol, but at the time of the interview, she was two weeks sober. She admitted that she fell off during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she has finally realized that she shouldn’t be furious with herself, but ask herself what exactly happened. 

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus completely gave up alcohol 

This summer, she said that she did not decide to give up alcohol completely. But the singer has since learned that she is ‘not a moderation person’. She thinks that everyone should do what is best for them. Miley said that she doesn’t have a problem with drinking, but she has a problem with the impulsive decisions she makes once she goes past that level. She says it is not difficult for her to stay away from alcohol, but as soon as she drinks a glass, she loses control. 

That is why she decided to eliminate alcohol from her lifestyle. Miley Cyrus added that she is a disciplined person: That is why it is easy for her to be sober once she decides.


Miley was afraid that she will die at the age of 27

In June, after undergoing vocal surgery, Cyrus shared that she had not drunk alcohol for six months due to her surgery. 

In time, however, she began to wonder where her unhealthy relationship with alcohol came from. The singer realized that the problems in her family played a big part in this. Her parents were divorced and her father took care of her alone, and in the meantime, he had addiction problems.


However, in the last 2-3 months, Miley drank more but began to fear joining the so-called “Club 27”. This refers to a group of musicians who died before the age of 28. Losing a lot of music icons at the age of 27 made her stop drinking. Miley, who turned 28 on November 23, said that she wanted to protect herself. 

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