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Have fun with these celebrities on TikTok

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the social media platform TikTok has become even more popular. Many celebrities use the app, so you can have fun with them!

But if you have not had time to give it attention to TikTok, we are here to fill you in. This app allows celebrities to show their fun side!

It allows them to give interesting glimpses into their lives – like Instagram, but a lot more fun, and more addictive! Scroll down to see every celebrity you should follow on this social media platform.

Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Everything JLo does is amazing, so it isn’t a surprise that she rocks on this app as well. She shares videos with Alex Rodrigues, her fiancé, and their children. And she looks like a goddess – just watch this video.


🚨 #WorldOfDanceAgain TikTok Challenge: ACTIVATED! Let’s see your moves! ✨💃✨ @nbcworldofdance

♬ Dance Again – Chop Jones Remix – jlo

Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)

She has shared only five videos so far on her account, four of which feature Justin Bieber, her husband. Naturally, her videos have a view count in tens of millions. This video with Justin has over 70 million views! 

Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

First, Kylie had a popular account on the video-sharing platform Vine before it closed in 2017, so TikTok is her specialty. The beauty mogul shares glances inside her private life on her account, and comical videos with her daughter, Stormi Webster, and Kris Jenner, her mother. We must admit that her videos are really funny! 

Kylie Jenner TROLLS Her Kardashian Sisters Hard In Epic TikTok Video!

She gets around 50 million views per video. Our favorite video is the recent one with Kris.

Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardashian)

Yes, she is the eldest of the siblings, but that doesn’t make her the least tech-savvy. The Poosh founder and reality star shares videos of her relaxed life as a mother to Reign Disick, Penelope, and Mason with her 1.2 million followers. Watch this fun video to see what we are talking about. 


I surrender. @mason_disick @officialharryhudson

♬ James Bond Theme – Nicholas Dodd

Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba)

Under the name “Yo Mama”, Alba’s account shows she is a cool mum (maybe one of the coolest) and shows her joining in popular dance challenges. For instance, she danced to the hit song “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion. We love to watch parts of her hanging out at home with her kids. Also, we love this video with her husband

Lizzo (@lizzo)

The singer’s Instagram account is hilarious, so you can imagine how fun her TikTok account is. So, you should follow Lizzo on both Instagram and TikTok immediately! She posts regularly on both accounts.  Lizzo features everything on TikTok, from confessional videos to dance challenges. One of our favorites is her recent video from which we can see her support for black lives. You too should know that #BlackLivesMatter. 

Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

On her TikTok account, you can find some of her most iconic moments. Those moments include getting ready for the show of Marc Jacobs and dancing with Cody Simpson, her boyfriend. That video has 270 million views so far. So, you must watch it!

Bella Hadid (@babybella777)

You will find her under the name @babybella777. Hadid made her account public during the beginning of the pandemic, sharing everything from the food she has prepared at home to viral dance trends. Watch this video to see if her content is worth following. We know it is! 


talented, one of a kind, before their time, never before seen, amazing , show stopping

♬ original sound – babybella777
TikTok Accounts To Follow If You're A Fashion Lover


Famous men who had an affair with babysitters

We all know that it is hard to stay faithful in Hollywood. Celebrity marriages are known for not being so stable.

But throw a hot babysitter into the mix, and you will hear some not-so-pretty rumors. For the famous men on this list, a tempting babysitter in the home was hard to resist. 

Some of these babysitter-scandals ended in heartbreak, but a few celebrities and babysitters went on to get married to each other. Some of the affairs have not been confirmed, but still, the marriages ended in divorce after those particular scandals. These are the famous men who had an affair with their babysitters.


Ben Affleck

Jennifer is gorgeous, funny, successful, and evidently not enough for Ben Affleck. Although both Ben and his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, claim it is not true, their marriage ended due to his alleged affair with 28-year-old Christine Uzunian, the babysitter of their three children.

famous men

The actors tried to reconcile after the affair, but it did not work out. Ben is reportedly dating actress Ana de Armas now. For those who weren’t aware, Ben and Anna recently filmed Deep Water.

Ethan Hawke

As Ethan and Uma Thurman were breaking up, babysitter Ryan Shawhuges came into focus as a reason for the split. Ethan denied the relationship with Ryan, but after the divorce, the famous actor married their babysitter. 

Ethan Hawke is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 11 Famous Men Who Cheated with the Nanny/Babysitter/Au Pair

The actor has 2 children from his marriage to Uma Thurman and 2 children from his marriage to the babysitter. He still claims that the relationship with the babysitter began after his marriage to Uma.

Jude Law

When the actor Jude Law was at the top of his career, he appeared in all British tabloids that revealed his affair with babysitter Daisy Wright. At the time he was in a marriage with Sienna Miller. They were the British ‘IT couple’ then.  

famous men

The actor didn’t deny the rumors but publicly apologized to his fiancée. “I want to publicly apologize to Sienna and our respective families for the pain that I have caused,” Jude said at the time. They reconciled after a year but soon separated again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, got big headlines when it was publicized that he had an affair with his babysitter, Mildred Baena. Their relationship resulted in the birth of a son, and Arnold fathered his child. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

The babysitter was pregnant at the same time as his wife Maria Shriver. Maria officially learned of the affair when their son was a teenager. She found out after Arnold’s term as governor, and immediately ended her 25-year marriage to the politician/actor.  


Gavin Rossdale

The 13-year marriage of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale abruptly ended amid allegations that he had an affair with their babysitter, Mindy Mann. His affair with the babysitter allegedly had been going on for 3 years.

famous men

Two years after the divorce, Gwen Stefani confirmed their divorce happened after Gavin had his affair. The singer said she channeled her sadness and anger into songwriting when the couple divorced. At least, we got to hear some amazing songs from her. 

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Emily in Paris is full of clichés, but you’ll still binge-watch it

Darren Star, the Sex and the City and Younger creator has struck again. This time, it’s in the shape of a young Chicago-born woman, who is landing her dream job in Paris. She gets the opportunity to work for a luxury marketing firm in Paris. Okay, what else?

Netflix’s Emily in Paris has taken us to the French capital city, and one thing is certain – the clichés are overflowing.

With only 10 episodes, you will be left wanting more, no matter how clichés you will see in the show.


Who needs to speak French in France?

Emily is a portrait of ignorance and arrogance. She doesn’t speak French, moves into a high-class 5th arrondissement, and puts on a bucket hat without irony. And she says to her new colleagues that their language is fucked up.

Emily in Paris is full of clichés about Paris and Parisians

According to this series, Paris is a place where fresh flowers match the color of your outfit, and a lace crop top is a piece you choose when you go running. 

Emily in Paris has somehow managed to list every possible cliché about Paris and its inhabitants, from the perception of Parisians as arrogant and mean, flirtatious men everywhere, the love affairs, the dog poo, the yummy pain au chocolat, to the red berets. 

Emily in Paris: Netflix's portrait of American narcissism is even harder to  watch in France.

Darren Star portrays the French people as slouchy, snobby, and skinny smokers who love seduction and soirees. Emily in Paris feels like it should crumble under the weight of all that sparkle and cliché. And yet – you will hate it, but you will also watch all of it.

Lily Collins, or Emily, spends her days strolling around Instagram-photogenic places in 80s outfits. She dines at expensive restaurants, and, most importantly, she learns the rules of having lovers in the ‘French’ way. All this is happening while she wants to teach the French people a thing or two.


Another thing worth mentioning, anyone who has lived in France, especially Paris, knows that a “Chambre de bonne” isn’t a one-bedroom apartment. It is the smallest one-room studio you have ever seen, which includes your kitchen and bathroom (if you are lucky). Yes, you would need to share the toilet, and it is outside your studio. 

Emily in Paris': The most unrealistic moments

Also, if you mistake your door in your building, your neighbor probably won’t be a handsome young man who happens to speak good English, but it will probably be a rather angry person who will shout at you for being an idiot and destroying their door lock. 

However, it is a good escape from reality 

Emily in Paris has spent 5 days as one of the top ten shows in Australia, not just for a series but across all titles. Why are we watching this when we have so many ripe alternatives? Well, we think part of the appeal must lie in the beautiful outfits and the episodes that are easy to escape into. At a time when we cannot travel as much as we want, it is good to see those beautiful sceneries of Paris, and dream of better times.   

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The top diet secrets of 10 celebrities

Celebrities are known for their extreme weight loss techniques. From restricting their diets to one food group or cinching their stomachs via waist trainers, it seems like Hollywood’s finest have tried everything to be in their top form!

Luckily, we’ve looked through them all and picked the most effective diet secrets. So, get ready to have a body like Kim Kardashian!

OK, maybe similar to hers. Now, look below and find out the best advice from your favorite celebs!


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian famously follows the Atkins diet, which is low in crab, when she wants to lose some pounds. Colette Heimowitz, Kim’s nutritionist, shared one of Kim’s favorite diet secrets: “Don’t have three cups of pasta; you have it as a side, like a half a cup.”

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé is someone you can truly inspire from. She lost 11 pounds in a month and a half. She had accomplished that by just not eating dairy. 

Kourtney Kardashian

The reality star shared on her app that she always tries to avoid sugar, particularly refined sugar. She thinks that sugar is addictive and that you will need it again. Also, she noticed when eating sugar, more cellulite appears.

Heidi Klum

Her advice is to always work out with a friend since they motivate you to get out of the bed. 

Daniel Craig

He cut carbs out of his diet and started eating many vegetables, fruits, and lean protein like eggs, fish, and chicken.

Megan Fox

This hottie revealed that whenever she feels like detoxifying, she reaches for apple cider vinegar. That is one of the best diet secrets. She claims that cleanses out our system entirely.

Jennifer Aniston

The secret Jen revealed is she always takes eight-pound weights with her whenever she is staying in a hotel. She also enjoys exercising, so she thinks it’s good to do arm exercises when you’re doing your daily activities. She also loves to stretch and do a couple of sit-ups before she goes to bed.

 Justin Timberlake

He trains in the morning and reveals one of his diet secrets – he eats two daily breakfasts. First, he has waffles with flaxseed and almond butter and one egg scrambled. After the first breakfast, he works out again and has a second breakfast, a protein shake, or another egg. He advises loading up on protein after a half-hour to 40 minutes of workout.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie has a slimming breakfast of overnight oats stirred with blueberries, chia seeds, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and pumpkin pie spice. So, her breakfast is high-fiber oatmeal.


Kate Hudson

She revealed that she keeps a food journal. In that way, she can take notice of what she is eating and what her food patterns are. She says that by keeping a food journal, you’re aware of the things that are going on with yourself.

diet secrets

Take some of their diet secrets, adapt them to your lifestyle, and experience the wanted changes.

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