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What you’ll learn from having a friend with benefits

You want to have sex (a lot of sex) but maybe you aren’t ready for a relationship. Or maybe you’re single for a long time but you’re sick and tired to go out and hope you can find one decent person to have a one-night stand with.

You’re wondering what you could learn from a friend with benefits other than something sexual. Well, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself than you intend.

You probably have dated guys from every app possible. And admit it – you have had your good dates, but mostly your bad ones. Well, now imagine having sex with someone without all the emotional drama and responsibility that come with a committed relationship. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

A no-strings-attached sexual relationship will allow you both to relax more since it is a straightforward deal – you are just friends who have sex. While it is obvious that one of the benefits is, obviously, more sex, you’ll enjoy other benefits, too. 

You’ll learn how to be confident

When you start sleeping with your friend with benefits, you’ll learn that it doesn’t matter what you look under your clothes, the belly rolls you have when you bend over. They mean nothing. You’ll learn that you can rock your body with or without clothes. 

having a friend with benefits

You’ll learn how to stand up for yourself more. You’ll finally learn the word ‘no’ and how to tell someone what you want under the sheets. And that someone will enjoy having sex with you as much as you enjoy. And with all that sex, all your insecurities will be wiped out.  

You’ll learn what you like sexually

This lesson is obvious, but also important. You’ll maybe learn that you aren’t a vanilla type person. Maybe you like to keep things interesting and spicy. You’ll learn what you love in bed, what you’re willing to try, and what you just don’t like. 

And all this stuff, thanks to the sex exploration. In a relationship centered on fun and sex, the environment is more open. When the feelings of romance and love are replaced with the ones of simple attraction, it’ll be easier to indulge in kinks and fantasies.

You’ll learn that sex doesn’t define love

Many people, ourselves included, have associated sex and love. Of course, it’s possible and likely to love the person you’re getting under the sheets with. However, you’ll realize that you don’t have to feel strong emotions for someone to have amazing sex. If you and your friend have sexual chemistry, well, then have some fun together!

You’ll learn to focus on the present

With a friend with benefits, there are no plans. Everything you do is at the moment. You’ll learn that living this way is so much relaxing and easier. You’ll learn that you don’t always have to know what you’re doing after work or tonight because if you just wing it, you might be getting laid.

Also, when you do go out, you’ll no longer try to find someone. You’ll just enjoy the present and go with the flow. 

The only commitment you have is to yourself.


Sex trends in 2021: What will be hot in the bed?

Maybe these sex trends are just the thing to help you spice up your sex life in the New Year. Be open to new things in 2021.

Do you want to try some of the hottest sex trends for this year? Do you need some inspiration on how to improve things in the bedroom?

Well, look no more! You have come to the right place. Here are the things you need to know to have the best sex sessions yet! 


People will use more sex toys 

So, you should, too. People will start buying more sex toys than ever before in 2021. We can predict that there will be many first-time buyers this year. Are you asking why? Well, in 2020, many couples have been forced apart, and people who have relied on their partners to satisfy their sexual needs chose to be more autonomous. But this will continue in the New Year, as well. Even when reunited, couples will use the perks of the sex toys.  

People will start experimenting with their sexuality

The 2020 pandemic made us realize that life is short. Some people decided to end toxic relationships, others realized that they are not just with the wrong partner, and reflected on their sexual identities.

So, this year, more people may test out being with different people, because time is short! This can come in different sizes and shapes, a guy on guy, girl on girl, and a little bit of both. 

sex trends

BDSM is one of the biggest sex trends 

With boredom from lockdown, a big sex trend for the New Year will be BDSM. For those who don’t know what BDSM is – it encompasses bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism, domination and submission. Many people in lockdown have used their extra time to escape reality. And what better way for that than to try new things in the bedroom?

People have become more adventurous and kinkier, and we believe they will continue to do so in 2021, as well. Many people have tried anal sex, pegging, and BDSM products. Pegging – when usually the woman wears a strap-on dildo to penetrate her partner – was one of the hottest sex trends in 2020.

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Sexual mindfulness is the new thing

Let’s be honest – we all have been stressed in 2020. Hopefully, this year will be different, and that is why sexual mindfulness will be a hot trend. Being sexually mindful is an amazing way to switch off the stress and reach your full pleasure potential. 

So, we advise you to switch from a goal-oriented mindset to a pleasure-oriented one. Your focus should stay on the sensations of the moment, instead of focusing on reaching an orgasm. We know that is hard to be fully present during masturbation or sex, but practicing sexual mindfulness will improve your ability to switch off. Take time to slowly explore your body, concentrate on the moment-to-moment sensations, and fulfill every need your body has.

One of the easiest sex trends – music experimentation 

This sex trend is so simple! In 2021, having sex with your favorite song is a top new must-try. With sex and love at the center of most songs, you will instantly become hornier. So, we advise you to try this trend now – alone or with your partner. Listening to your favorite songs is an easy way to set the mood.

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Fast ways to turn yourself on

Consider these go-to hacks for when you need to orgasm, like, now. Sometimes you need to turn yourself on between Zoom calls or right before a work meeting.

Okay, so sometimes you just need to turn yourself on fast. We don’t always have time to prime our bodies for a long, sensual masturbation session.

How many times does your body ask you for an immediate orgasm? The answer is many times.  And girl, you should know that your body should never be denied its desires. Yes, we all prefer face masks, oils, steamy novels, a vibrator, but it is what it is. So, when you do not have time to commit to the long masturbating experience, it does not mean you have to deprive your body of an orgasm. It just means you need our horny hacks. 


We will help you to learn how to turn yourself on fast! However, that doesn’t mean that it will be less enjoyable or fun than a full-on masturbating session. 

Get undressed in front of a mirror

Nothing is sexier than you! You just need to turn yourself on by seeing how hot you are. Also, you can lounge around in your hot lingerie when you are alone at home. Put on your sexiest, laciest piece, and enjoy your time. 

Activate your senses to turn yourself on 

Your senses are directly related to your libido, duh. You should eat some aphrodisiacs (like nuts or chocolate), play some music that makes you feel like a sex goddess, set the mood by adjusting the lighting right, put some sensual sheets like silk, and spritz the perfume that makes you horny.

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Create a sexual fantasy 

We know that sex scenes on TV are great, and porn is even better. But you will turn yourself on quickly if you create your sexual fantasy because it is yours! And you decide what happens there. The mental images of your sexual fantasy will get you where you want to be fast! 

Focus on your breath to turn yourself on fast 

By focusing on your breath, you will easily get out of your head. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. You can also try different breathing patterns – like, holding your breath in for five seconds and see what feels best for you.

turn yourself on

Compile a stash of erotic clips, images, and/or stories

You should have a private file on your phone – compiling many things that will turn you on immediately. Put on your earbuds and listen to hot stories or sounds while you scroll through pictures and clips that do it for you.

Take a hot shower 

Okay, we all have time for a shower, right? So, when you are already wet, slippery, and soupy, glide your fingers over your most sensitive areas. Use your fingers, washcloth, or sponge to turn yourself on. You do not even have to masturbate yet, but focus on touching yourself sensitively. Caress your thighs, chest, nipples, neck, and all those small erogenous zones you don’t pay much attention to when you masturbate. 


Watch and fully enjoy Beyoncé’s “Partition” video

Girl, stop playing innocent and do it. You know it will work.

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What are the things men (don’t) want in bed?

If you are just a little curious about what men may crave in the bedroom, we get you. Men don’t communicate a lot, so we are here to the rescue!

Okay, yes, we highly recommend you to initiate a sex talk because great communication means great sex. However, if you also want to figure out what you want to talk about before talking about it, well, we got you! 


Stop licking their face – men hate that

According to men, this is something just for the screens. You are not sexy and you won’t turn him on. 

Men want to take it out of the bedroom

They love variety. So, you need to keep it exciting by exploring new areas to have sex, such as the laundry room, kitchen table, in the car, or even outside. Playing in new places can lead to more fun. Also, you get the opportunity to role-play.

Missionary is not the only one sex position

Sisters, don’t be lazy! Explore, there are many exciting sex positions you should try! 

Sex positions that will satisfy all your cravings

Initiate sex sometimes

Many men feel like they always have to initiate sex with their partners, and that annoys them. Men like to feel attractive and desired, so you should consider seducing your partner. If you initiate sex, you will send the message to your partner that you want him, and that will boost his confidence. 


Squeeze his penis firmly when he is close to orgasm

If you are giving him a blow job, when you see that he is coming to the end, place your hand over the base of his penis (just below the bladder). Press firmly and rub back and forth as you massage the area. This will intensify things.

Move the hand and mouth in the opposite direction

It seems logical to move the hand and mouth in the same motion, but obviously, the logic is not sexy. Most men will feel better if you move your mouth and hand in the opposite direction – when the hand goes up, the mouth moves down, so that they constantly meet in the middle.

Men want you to actively participate

To actively participate you should grind your hips, meeting his thrusts with your thrusts, and flex your PC muscles. These things you can do from whatever position. Also, use your hands to squeeze his arms and pull his body closer to yours. Don’t forget to use your lips to explore his body. These moves will let him know that you are into the action. 


They want to be dominated 

Of course, they want to dominate you, but from time to time men want to do nothing at all. They want you to have control. If you are new to this, you can start by telling him he cannot touch, talk, or move unless he is told to. Tell your partner that you will punish him if he doesn’t follow your directions or disobeys. Boss him around and tell him how you want to be touched. Directing his every move will make him squirm. Don’t forget to remind him that you are in control.

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