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Gift ideas to spark happiness and joy this holiday season

This holiday season brings festive cheer and amazing time with your loved ones, but it can be a stressful time when it comes to buying gifts for them.

But don’t worry – we’re here to rescue you! This holiday season, we offer great gift ideas for him and her to spark happiness and joy! 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for your partner or any man or woman in your life, here you can find everything you have on your list for this holiday season


And don’t forget to pick up something extra for you, too. You know you deserve it!

Gift ideas for him


Yes, the weather isn’t so good now, but with this gift, you’re telling him that you look forward to the sunny days that you’ll spend together!

Tile pro

Does your man always forget where he puts his wallet or key? Well, he can clip this device to any item he loses frequently, and he can track down his valuable things on his smartphone.

Key chain

Okay, this may not sound like the dream gift, but if you personalize it, it’ll put a smile on his face for sure! Grave something like “Drive safely, someone loves you,” or whatever you like.

Beer glasses

Is your man a fan of beer? Well, you can bring happiness and joy in his life by buying him differently and quality glasses for his favorite drink. He’ll enjoy his beer more in your glasses!

Cooling pint glasses

Your man shouldn’t have to settle for a drink at room temperature. With a set of freezable beer glasses, your man could sip his favorite beer on precisely the temperature he wants. 

Whiskey glasses

Well, if your man is more a whiskey person, get him some great glasses to enjoy his whiskey by the fireplace this holiday season. And don’t forget his cigarettes that go perfectly with his whiskey! 

Personalized wallet

You can choose a wallet in brown, black, rustic, or gray – depending on his clothes. And the best thing is you can choose what you want to be written on his wallet. You can even print his name on it.  

Watch gift card

We know the struggle – it’s hard to decide if he’s more of a Fossil or Armani Exchange person. Giving him a gift card with which he can choose his favorite watch, many of your problems will be solved! And he’ll be the happiest since he got his dream watch!

Beard trimmer

You’ll make his morning a lot easier if you gift him a beard trimmer. 

Travel laptop backpack

This is the perfect gift ever for him if he brings his laptop wherever he goes! But a backpack is ideal since it’ll come with additional storage space, so this gift will become his go-to work and weekend carryall. 

Gift ideas for her

Cosmetic organizer

If she is always adding the trendiest, newest beauty products to her collection, gift her a simple way to keep them organized. Choose an organizer with many pockets for smart makeup storage. This is ideal for travel, too.

Photo calendar

Turn your sweet photos into a gift she’ll love all year! Every time she turns the page, she’ll be reminded of the fun time she had! 

Personalized pet mug

You can find a cute cat- or dog-themed mug, which is an ideal gift if she’s an animal lover. She’ll smile while drinking her morning coffee.

Handwriting bracelet

You can send the shop a snap of a handwritten message, and they’ll design it into a personalized bracelet she can treasure all year long.

Warm slippers

You can get her even microwaveable slippers that will keep her feet warm – perfect for those cozy nights in.

Wooden bathtub tray

Stop telling your stressed mom, partner, or best friend to relax and take more ‘me time’. Instead, give her the necessary tools, starting with a wooden bathtub tray, perfect for a spa night at home. Just make sure there’s space for her wine glass, too!

gift ideas
Wine glasses

If you have a woman in your life that adores wine, well, there isn’t a better gift than this! 

Zodiac constellation necklace

For the woman who is always reading her horoscope, choose a zodiac symbol necklace. Go crazy, and get her a necklace and ring combo!


Jewelry box

Choose a cute jewelry box, so she can house all her favorite jewelry, from necklaces to earrings!

Facial roller

Facial rollers help promote healthy skin, so if you have a skincare-obsessed woman in your life, this is the perfect gift for her!


How to drink, eat, and be merry without getting fat

The holiday season is still here, and it’s time to drink, eat, and be merry! It’s time for good times, celebrations, and merriment! It sounds perfect, and it is, but not so much for your waistline.

A few glasses of wine, followed by prosciutto and cheese board, delicious pies, some spinach dip here, little puffy pasties there – and before you know it, you’ve added a few pounds. These little things do bring festive cheer and joy. And you don’t want to be like Ross from Friends and carry a holiday weight even in March.  

What if we tell you that you can drink, eat, and be merry, but still maintain your weight during the holiday season? It is all about balance.  You just need to follow these simple steps so you can stay fit this holiday season while still enjoy all the fun!


Drink and be merry

Yes, you read it correctly. Prepare to do some serious drinking if you don’t want to gain weight this holiday season. You need to drink a lot… about 2-3 liters of water daily. We know you’re disappointed now, but with all the junk food and stress coming, hydration is crucial. 

Do you know that when you get the urge to snack, you’re actually thirsty and not hungry? Water is important for all bodily functions, but it also keeps you full. Also, you’ll avoid all the eggnogs you planned on drinking. 

Avoid snacking

Skip all the cheese, crackers, chocolate, and chips at the appetizer table. To avoid all that unhealthy stuff, have a hearty lunch or a light dinner before you go to a holiday party. You know it’s a bad idea to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, don’t you? Well, the same goes for holiday parties. You need to eat before you go. If not, you’ll end up eating too many cookies, pastries, and pies.

And if you do feel like snacking something, focus on nuts, fruit, and vegetables instead. This will prevent you from snacking refined flour and excess sugar, which contribute to weight gain.


Stay active and sleep well

You don’t have to set up your records in the gym in December and January, but you can stay active by getting daily walks. Also, if you don’t sleep enough, your metabolism will lower, and your calories will burn slowly. So, party all you want, but get your good night’s sleep, too. 

8 tips to lose stubborn belly fat


Okay, now you’re thinking “But, it is the holiday season, not the time for a summer body. What if I want a piece of cake or a glass of wine?” Hey, have whatever you want! We won’t stop you. But if you decide to have a piece of cake, eat one, and avoid the other unhealthy foods. 

Also, we advise you to fill your plate with smaller portions of high-calorie foods like casserole and stuffing and fill in the gaps with nutrient-rich and high-protein foods. In this way, you can enjoy your holiday meals without overeating. It’s all about balance and eating in moderation.


Dress to kill

You have been sticking to your training program. You look better than ever! So, show it off! Pick an outfit that will make you feel sexy. You can even treat you with a new outfit that boosts your newfound confidence.


We’re trying to say – dress to kill your appetite! If your dress fits perfectly and you like how you look, you’re less likely to eat junk food and destroy your look. So, show up hot and fabulous, stay hot and fabulous, and enjoy the seasonal parties!

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Take care of your mental health during this weird holiday season

So, the holiday season is completely unrecognizable thanks to the pandemic. We know that is hard, so we offer you tips for how to cope.

The holiday and post-holiday season can be stressful at the best of times. But this time, several months into the pandemic, is definitely not the best of times. It has been hard to spend winter holidays away from loved ones and long-standing traditions. 

The holidays have looked different this year, but that, combined with the fact that we are still and will be in a pandemic for a while, makes this holiday season extra painful. There is hope now that a few COVID-19 vaccines have been approved. However, high-risk people and front line healthcare workers will be first to get protected, so that means our lives won’t be going back to normal just yet.


And that is an even bigger bummer! We all thought that we “sacrifice” the holidays, but then we would get to live a normal life. But that won’t be the case for at least several months.  So, we know that all of us need help to protect our mental health while living through a pandemic during and after the holiday season.  

Plan tiny distractions during the holiday season 

Make a list of all of the tasks, hobbies, or projects you can do to stay occupied and follow up on each of them. Now is the time to learn how to cook and bake, organize your winter wardrobe, organize your library, watch black and white movies, or knit a beautiful scarf. 

Reframe your thinking

Stop telling yourself that you are staying home due to some crisis that is out of your control. That is frustrating! Instead, try to think that you stay at home because you are motivated to protect the ones you love the most. Modifying your holiday plans or staying at home brings us closer to the end of this pandemic, so next year we get to have back all our traditions. 

Go outside more than ever during and after this holiday season

You should find ways to spend time outdoors and experience the joys of the cold weather. This will make your days better. Bundle up and go for a walk, or you can even learn a new winter sport and have fun in the mountains. 

Make me warm in this cold weather

Update your family traditions

If you miss the holiday traditions you have with your family and friends, see what you can do virtually. Make your special recipes together over FaceTime or Zoom and eat them together. Or host an ugly sweater party. The goal is to find creative, new ways to feel together even when apart. 


Practice extreme coziness

Or like the Danish like to call it – hygge. This practice reminds us to appreciate the joys during this holiday season. Allow yourself to buy that soft onesie or blanket, curl up with a good book by the (virtual) fire, drink your favorite coffee, spend time with your pet, or treat yourself to a long bath.

holiday season

Ditch the pressure

You should know that it is okay to feel burnt out or stressed. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have a wonderful holiday season! We are all in this together, we all feel bad, so don’t feel miserable if you see that the others have perfect holidays on Instagram. They don’t.  

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How to make friends during the pandemic?

We are here to assure you that it is possible to make new friends and build strong relationships even when everything is so different due to the pandemic.

Making friends is a challenge even under normal circumstances. But add in a pandemic that forces us to remain physically distant, and it can feel overwhelming. 

We know that meeting new people is overwhelming, but with a little willingness and effort to step outside of your comfort zone, making new friends is possible. You should start by getting yourself out there and finding places of interest to socialize. 


Make yourself available 

You need to put yourself out somehow to make new friends. If you just sit at home doing nothing, friends won’t come to you. Don’t miss the opportunities to get out there and meet people. Try going to social functions at work or school. Or if someone invites you to a walk in the park, go for it!

Join a club or organization that works during the pandemic

This is an amazing way to find other people who will share your interests. Just remember that you do not necessarily need to have many common interests with people to make friends with them. However, if you like a certain thing, search for a location where you can meet people with the same interest. There are many online resources for finding groups who share a certain topic. You can search for events or groups on Facebook or groups on sites like


Volunteering is a perfect way for people of all ages to meet new people. Just make sure it is a cause you genuinely care about. By working together with other people, you will build bonds with them. For instance, you can volunteer at a local hospital, nursing home, non-profit organization, or animal shelter. Keep in mind that everyone needs help during the pandemic, so you have many choices. 

Talk to people 

You can join whatever club or organization you want, but you won’t make friends if you do not start talking to people. Also, you do not have to be involved with a club to be social. Every time you talk to someone, it is an opportunity to make a lasting friend. You don’t worry that you need to say something special – just be friendly and open a conversation by talking about the weather, compliment them about their outfit, and see where it goes from there! 

Ask them out for coffee in the park or even a picnic 

We know that the pandemic in most countries took the cafes and restaurants, but you can still have coffee to go with your new friend. Exchange numbers or social media so you can contact each other. Having coffee is a great opportunity to talk and get to know each other. At this first date, you see whether you will click together. 


Put effort to keep the friendship going

You should know by now that good friendships take a lot of effort. We have learned during this pandemic that even with our old friends, we should always check up on them and make time for them. If your new friends are always checking up on you, remembering your birthdays or other important dates, and initiating get-togethers, lunch, you must do the same things and more whenever you can.

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