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Is your partner cheating online?

Today’s technology allows us to hide our online activities more easily than ever before.

To find out whether your partner is cheating online, you need to carefully observe their behaviors and actions to monitor their online activities.  

It is difficult to monitor what they are doing on their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Also, it is always a better idea to have a sincere talk rather than spying on your significant other, but it is not likely that they will come clean, and they will continue with the lies. 


Okay, now let’s see where to begin if you think that your partner is cheating online. 

See how a person who is cheating online is acting differently

Someone who cheats will act differently – they could be uninterested in sex or physically distant, hostile, mean or critical, or just absent. You need to pay close attention to your partner’s online activity that may indicate attempts to hide something. For example, they would close the internet browser window when you enter the room, they would spend a lot of time online after you go to bed, and they would spend a lot of time on their phone when you are not together. Yes, now we can easily see when someone is online on Messenger, Instagram, Viber, and so on.

Check their internet history

Every web browser shows the history and this can help you see what websites they visit. But if your cheating partner is concerned about being found out, they will erase the browser history. This makes it difficult to prove he/she is cheating, but it is an indicator that they may cheat.

Check your partner’s email 

If you have their email address and password, check their messages. Also, you can try to log into the email account if the password is saved into the browser. You should also enable cookies on all their devices. This option may store passwords and information. The laptop then will be ready for your partner’s next session. The passwords will be stored, giving you access to every account. 

Use surveillance software

If you are desperate, you should purchase a software program. There are many software programs, varying in degrees of effectiveness, repute, and cost. You can buy and install them on a mobile phone or a computer. These programs can track locations and all usage activities. Many software programs have email recording, social media monitoring, and chat recording among the other functionalities.

cheating online

Use technology that activates a microphone on their phone. 

Some surveillance technology and software can turn on a microphone on a phone. You can hear everything and record audio as well. Your partner’s phone will work as a microphone and record every sound that happens close to the mobile phone.


Prepare yourself for the truth that your partner is cheating online

Confirming that your partner is cheating online can ruin relationships – not just yours, but relationships between other family members and friends. Keep in mind that it can also have a financial impact on you. Before investigating, decide where you stand regarding infidelity. In each case, you should secure a support network of friends and family who will help you through a difficult situation.  

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Should you break up with your partner?

Are you struggling with messy, confusing feels about your relationship? Well, you clicked on this article, so it seems that you are here because you aren’t sure whether or not to break up with your partner. For whatever reason you are feeling this way, don’t worry – we are here to help.

We offer you some advice on when it is time to break up and move on. Just be mindful that you know your relationship the best.

We just want you to help to make the best decision for your relationship. You should know that if you do decide to break up, it will not be the end of your life. We promise you. 


Break up if you cannot imagine the future with your partner 

Does thinking about the future freaks you out? Well, you should break up if you cannot see your partner in the future. Don’t get us wrong – we are all about staying in the moment instead of looking ahead into the future. However, if you cannot picture your partner beside you on your best adventures, well, that is a bad sign. 

If you hold your current partner without intent for plans, you are limiting both of you from finding true happiness. Just ask, “Where do I see myself in 1 year?” Now, did you see this person with you?

You feel bored or stuck 

Sorry, but you probably need to break up if you are not satisfied regardless of what you do together. If you have tried everything together from rock climbing to trips, but you still disengage from your partner when you are together, it may be a sign to move on. You should break up particularly if you constantly imagine how your life would be different without him/her and the vision is tempting.


Break up if you do not feel like a priority

Do you continuously feel insignificant, neglected, or not cared for in the relationship? There is a major difference between a person who is busy with commitments and a person who simply does not make time for you. If your partner is neglectful and inattentive of your needs, despite your efforts in communicating your needs to him/her, well your partner is not valuing the relationship and you. Your partner will never be capable of meeting your emotional needs if they lack adequate relationship skills.

break up

You are on different pages

If you feel all the time that one of you is more “in it” than the other, then maybe it is time to end things. Okay, it is normal for feelings to seesaw a little bit. However, if you feel like your partner is so into you and you are only meh about them or vice versa, then your relationship may have been doomed from the very beginning. You cannot force someone who does not want to be in a serious relationship to want one all of a sudden. You have to accept that is not the one if the timing is off. We know that and this is one of the hardest lessons anyone has to learn.

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Subtle signs that you are falling in love

Not to get all cheesy, but falling in love is the best feeling ever! Once you escape the phase with mixed signals, and not knowing what you are, it is the best. You finally know that romantic feelings are mutual.

At that moment, you start to pick up on little signs that you are maybe, definitely falling in love. Obviously, these subtle signs can look different for everyone. 

However, some things happen for almost everyone when they are falling in love. So, no matter in which stage of your relationship you are, here are some subtle signs indicating you are falling in love. 


You are falling in love when everything reminds you of them

Eating chicken wings? That is their go-to order. Listening to Jennifer Lopez? Oh, their sister loves her. Wearing white trousers? Well, you rocked the same pair on your third date.

You are all about the cuddles after the sex

What is more, you are craving the cuddling and not the sex. Yes, cuddling equals emotional feels. When you become as excited to cuddle in bed with your partner as you are to get oral sex, well, that is when you are falling into love. Does lying on your partner’s chest fill you with security? You are realizing that you love that feeling as much as you love the orgasm. 

Everything feels easy when you are falling in love

We know that every relationship takes work. However, when you are falling in love with someone, it is the easiest thing ever. When you love someone and feel loved and appreciated it is easier to make the relationship work, too. 

You talk about the future

You talk about things in the future without even realizing it. If you are in that phase where you spontaneously talk about taking a trip to the beach next summer, well, you want to be around that person. You are sure that you will want to spend the summer with your partner. 

You know that you are falling in love when you don’t think about your exes 

Oh, you haven’t thought about the ex who you let us remind you, desperately waited to call you or just text you? Yes, this is good news. If you are no longer stalking your ex’s Instagram account, you are engaged in enjoying the time with your new partner.

We all know that exes have radar that tells them you moved on, and they feel the necessity to reappear into your life. But, you are sure that you are completely uninterested in them. 


You are comfortable around your partner 

You are comfortable enough to be your weird self and make bad jokes. You tried to impress your partner at the beginning, but now you are cool and comfortable to have messy hair or wear the pajamas tucked into your socks around them. 

falling in love

Every little thing is better with your partner around

You find joy in going to the supermarket with your partner. You feel that everything is better when they are around. Walking down the cereal date can be romantic if you are with the one. Doing the most boring thing is romantic if you are with the right person.

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Common relationship mistakes in the beginning

Have you gotten past the initial dating phase and are you now in a relationship?

This can be the best or worst part of your relationship depending on whether you fall into these common relationship mistakes.

Yes, starting a new relationship fills us with hope and excitement. We all hope he/she is the one, and this is the relationship that will last forever. That said, the moment your relationship seems to be heading in a long-term direction, you should avoid making certain relationship mistakes that can lead to problems later on. 


So, to avoid wasting your time, and increase your chances of making your relationship better, do not make these common relationship mistakes.

Don’t lose the romance 

Many relationships fail due to losing the romance. We know that it is easy to become comfortable with a loved one and stop making an effort for romance. However, you should know that a relationship is a constant work. We don’t say that you won’t have fun, but you need to stay focused on keeping the romance alive together with your partner. 

Don’t try to change your partner 

Okay, this is probably one of the worst relationship mistakes a person could make. You need to understand that we all are unique individuals. People are often attracted to someone opposite to them and after some time they can be tempted to change them. At this moment, you need to remember why you fell in love with this person. Let’s say that your partner is funny and carefree. Well, sometimes their jokes will drive you crazy, or you will wish they were more organized. You have to remember that you love that your partner can make you laugh and that he/she has a positive outlook on life.

Don’t allow the euphoric feelings to cloud your judgment

The excitement at the beginning can prevent you from seeing red flags. Maybe you have fallen hard for their looks, and not care about everything else. However, the reality will hit you sooner than you think. When you start to notice their flaws, you may be in too deep. So, we advise you to look beyond appearance. You should observe your partner’s body language, behavior, weaknesses, and his relationships with other people. Identify the habits that bother you, and decide at the beginning if they’re deal-breakers.


Don’t put your life on hold

In the beginning, everyone gets wrapped up in the relationship, and that is okay as long as you do not go overboard. We have seen this often happen when people start new relationships – they think every waking moment should be spent with their partner.

relationship mistakes

So, they put their lives, interests, and hobbies on hold, so they are available to their new bae. Do we need to say that it is a bad decision to do this? It will lead to regret and probably wear your partner out. The healthier alternative is to give each other space and have lives outside the relationship.

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