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How to keep your children safe online

Children and teenagers have smartphones and tablets that give them internet access from anywhere they can get a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

It is important to keep your children safe online when they are browsing websites and using social networking services.

A parent should know more about the internet than a child, so they can block adult websites or websites that have offensive language. Another reason why you should be well-educated on the internet and computer use is you can understand better the dangers of them. Below are some of the best ways to make sure your child can still enjoy the internet without putting themselves at risk:


Talk regularly to your child about being safe online

With young children, you should talk honestly about the things they might encounter and the benefits and disadvantages of social networks before they start using them. Show them suitable apps and websites, then explore together the internet, apps, and games. If your older children start using social media, talk to them about the risks and dangers. 

Good communication is the most important thing you can do to keep your children safe online. You need to make your child aware that what they do online can impact their future, so they should think attentively before they post or share.

Teach your kids to protect their privacy

Depending on their age, children might not understand the issues of revealing personal information online. Teach them not to open emails or accept friend requests from people they don’t know. They should never agree to a private chat with a stranger. Educate them early and educate them often.

Use parental controls to filter content

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), provide controls to help you restrict content. Laptops, tablets, games, phones, and other devices have settings to activate parental controls. Software packages can help you monitor or restrict what your child can see online. If your child goes online away from home, the same controls probably won’t be on public Wi-Fi places or at other people’s houses. Talk and agree with your child how they will use public Wi-Fi or let other parents know what your child is or isn’t allowed to do online.

Set rules and boundaries, so they can be safe online

The agreed rules and boundaries will depend on your child’s age and what you think is right for them. Talk about the permitted amount of time they can spend online, at what time they can go online, and the websites they can visit or activities they can take part in. Also, tell your child to talk first with you before sharing images and videos. Advise them on how to treat people online and to not post anything they wouldn’t say in real life.


 Make sure the games they’re playing are age-appropriate

You shouldn’t feel pressured into letting your child sign up to play online games you feel they are not suitable for them. First, check the age rating and make sure you know who they’re playing with. Negotiate the amount of time they spend playing games and talk to them about what information is OK to share with other players.

safe online

We all know the internet is amazing since your child can learn and see a whole new world of exciting possibilities. So, don’t ever ban it completely, just make sure they know all the rules you set concerning the online browsing.


How to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID-19

We are still amid a pandemic, so it is no surprise that Halloween will look different this year.

We have some Halloween ideas to keep the holiday spooky while staying safe. The trick-or-treating and the celebrations will look different, but we’ll have them! 

Halloween will look different this year since we all have to wear masks, sanitize often, and practice social distancing. But in some ways, this year will make for the perfect Halloween. Well, the holiday is on Saturday and it is a “blue moon”. This event only happens once every few years.  


Here are some ideas on interesting, COVID-friendly ideas to celebrate Halloween. 

Have a Halloween parade of costumes

Costumes are a huge part of Halloween celebrations, especially for children, and it would be disappointing if they did not get to show off their new costumes. The solution is to have a parade of costumes. 

You can organize the parade with children in the same apartment complex or neighborhood. Of course, you need to stay socially distanced as you march down a safe route. You can play music and wave glow sticks to make things more interesting. There are many ways to customize your event for your area.

Grab-and-go instead of trick-or-treating

Door-to-door trick-or-treating is off the table. But you can do table-to-table this year. You can put tables outdoors, in front of your home, or at the end of your driveway, with candies spread out for kids to grab. Still, you need to wear a mask and go along with a small group of friends. 

Create a “spooky” egg hunt

The egg hunt is so popular during Easter. Well, you can replicate the idea with a Halloween twist. You can send your children or friends on a “haunted hunt” for candies. You can make it exactly like an Easter egg hunt, but with spooky stuff and scary music, followed by a scary movie, candies, and popcorn afterward.

safely  participate in Halloween

This idea is so great that it can work for a family staying home or it can be another way for treat-or-trick. Your neighbors could still stop for candy if they maintain social distance. You should just scatter the candies on your lawn, and the trick-or-treaters can pick up 1 or 2.


Host Zoom Halloween Party

You can easily host a dance or costume party on Zoom for your friends and family. Yes, there should be alcohol involved. Don’t forget to create a great playlist for everyone to enjoy and shake their costumes too. Oh, and everyone gets to show off their costumes on camera. 

While on Zoom, you can also host pumpkin-carving contests. Gather with your friends to carve and decorate pumpkins from your homes, so everyone is safe and sound. You can share interesting and spooky stories while you craft. Of course, the winner should get a prize. You could send virtual prizes or a real package to their home. 

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Are you a fan of white wine? Learn everything about Moscato

Moscato white wine is produced from the Muscat grapes family. The Muscat grape is grown in all of Italy, making for a diversity of styles and flavors. It is also grown in South America, France, and Australia, and is one of the first grapes in history. There are more than 200 Muscat grapes varieties, but the most famous ones are Muscat of Alexandria and Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains.

If you are a fan of floral and fruity wine, the choice for you definitely is Moscato white wine. Sweet white wine Moscato can be sparkling, still, and fortified.

How does Moscato white wine taste? 

It is a sweet wine known for its fruity flavors of orange and peaches blossom. It is ideal if you are a new wine enthusiast and seeking a lighter-bodied, sweeter wine, low in alcohol. If you want an easy-drinking and light type of wine, this delicious, fizzy, and frothy wine is the perfect choice for you. Moscato is high in sugar but with low acid, both contributing to its signature sweet taste. Its flavor profile ranges from syrupy sweet to bone dry.


If you are familiar with dry white wine as Sauvignon Blanc, then Moscato white wine is its exact opposite – perfumed, sweet, and full of fruit. Sweet Moscato arouses strong opinions among the oenophiles – they either adore its sweet aroma or cannot stand it. However, this wine makes a decent addition to any oenophile’s repertoire. Sip yourself a glass and you will notice several important characteristics, including floral notes as elderflower and rose petal, fruit as orange, ripe pear, peach, and apricot, and a unique aroma.

Which is the best brand?

The best brand of Moscato white wine is probably the classic Italian Moscato – Castello Del Poggio. With this wine, you will taste the perfect combination of peach and apricot along with a sweet tangerine taste, contributing to the remarkable balance.  Another Moscato white wine you must try is Moscato d’Asti. You will fall in love with its tropical fruit flavors and light bubbles from the first sip!

When we are at the Moscato best bands, we strongly recommend trying California Roots Moscato. Moscato California white wine is crafted from the finest grapes grown under the California sun and it offers delicate aromas. Its melon and creamy peach flavors, with refreshing acidity, will make your days more special.

Pair Moscato with good friends 

We believe the recipe for a good life is good friends and delicious wine. Well, with Moscato half of the job is done! If we have to choose one wine for pairing with spicy foods, our choice is Moscato white wine. It handles with grace all types of spicy food since its sweetness neutralizes the heat of the spice. You can also pair it with lighter meats as flaky fish or chicken.

moscato white wine

This wine is ideal to sip with dinner, but it is great served as an aperitif as well. It is equally good when drunk on its own, or alongside fruit and cheese.


Your friends will enjoy Moscato the best if it is chilled. Of course, the actual serving temperature varies depending on the style, but chilling Moscato softens the sweetness and highlights its fruity and floral notes.

Whether served as a dessert wine or an aperitif, poached with fruit, or mixed into cocktails, Moscato is always a crowd-pleaser!

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How to make Halloween fun at home

Halloween is the most favorite holiday of many people since it reminds us of the bygone childhood carefree days.

Besides the decor and costumes, Halloween is about fun events and shared experiences with your loved ones. 

Halloween is about how creative you can be. You don’t need to spend a good amount of money on decorations or costumes but you can be creative with your costume choices and reuse old decorations. What we like about this day the most is that the focus is on the fun! Many fun activities can involve the whole family. 


Get your family in the spirit with wickedly fun games, crafts, and recipes. Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure that nothing beats family time, and with the following Halloween activities, you’ll never run out of ideas. 

Cook together

Don’t let the rainy autumn days get you down. Get your whole family in the kitchen to whip up many Halloween treats. Bake some fun cake together that your children will love it! Or you can make some Halloween-themed muffins. You can also bake a batch of gooey monster cookies! And do you know what all kids want? Yes, doughnuts. You can make Halloween-themed mini doughnuts. Whom are we kidding? Make all this stuff and put yourselves into a sugar coma. Celebrate Halloween the right way!


Make wicked Halloween decoration

This is the time when the whole family can be creative. Don’t buy your decorations – make them together. There are endless crafts you can make together! 

Throw a night of scary movies

This is the easiest solution to get your spooky fix. Decorate your living room with Halloween decorations and choose age-appropriate scary movies for your children. You can dress up to add to the Halloween spirit and eat the muffins you made previously that day. 


There is not a single child who doesn’t love Halloween games! But if we’re completely honest, you’ll enjoy it, too. Here are some of our favorite ones: 


Kids love making this spooky game, besides they enjoy playing it! Well, it’s a classic game for a reason!

Feel Box

We admit – it’s a gross game, but it’s so popular party game for kids! You need to make boxes full of household items and slimy food and have your children feel their way through the box. This is just an example; you can put different things in your box. Whatever keeps your children interested! 

Guessing Game 

You need to fill a jar with many Halloween candies and have your whole family compete to discover how many candies are in it. The winner takes all the candies! Well, you can share them and have fun eating them. 

Scavenger Hunt

Whether you choose to play it in your backyard or inside the house, Halloween scavenger hunt is fun! Just print the instructions in advance.


Carve pumpkins

After watching the movie, you can ask your children to carve pumpkins together, so you can do something that requires activity that is more physical. Pick up pumpkins, break out your carving knives, and see how quickly you get into the Halloween spirit. 

Host a Halloween party

Given the COVID-19 situation, the party will be for your family and people you are in contact with. Now, it’s the time when you can use all the decorations you made together, and all the muffins, doughnuts, and cakes! 

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