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How to have safe one-night stands during the pandemic?

There is so much happening in the world right now, so we barely talk about this problem. But we are going to say it – the pandemic affected hookups and casual sex big time!

Doctors say that the best sexual partner during this time is someone you live with. But what about single people and one-night stands in general? 

Now, with the pandemic, we must rethink everything about having sex with someone we do not live with. This makes dating even harder than it already is. Other safe options are participating in online or phone sex, using sex toys, and masturbation. But it doesn’t seem fun as the real sex, right? 

We don’t say that sex is off the table, but experts do recommend being with people you live with. People should still be socially distancing, but given the length of this ongoing health crisis, it is unrealistic to expect people not to have sex indefinitely. 


We cannot expect people who are single or don’t have a consistent sexual partner to abstain from sex. And besides using dating sites and apps, people need to go out in clubs and bars to meet a one-night stand partner. These places were closed for a few months, but now they are open and people want to meet new people.  However, doctors do recommend limiting the number of partners. 

Can COVID-19 spread through sex?

This is the most important thing to note. The virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets emitted when a person speaks, breathes, sneezes, or coughs. Well, sex usually involves physical contact – like heavy breathing and kissing, people are at risk of spreading or contracting the virus. However, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through semen. 

Have safer one-night stands during the pandemic

Your safest partner is yourself, followed by a partner you share the household with, and followed by a person outside of the home that you trust. However, if you still want to have one-night stands, then you should minimize the risk of spreading or contracting the virus. 

Try not to kiss

Epidemiologists strongly suggest skipping face-to-face activities. So, consider having sex from behind. In this way, your faces won’t be close. But don’t forget to keep your mask on! This is good news if you are a fan of doggy-style sex or anal sex. These sex positions are safer than face-to-face positions like missionary. Yes, oral sex is a go, too, but you should consider showering afterward. Or maybe an oral in the shower? 

Yep, you need a mask during sex

These days, it is prudent to wear a mask if you have sex with a person you just met. During the pandemic wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose is a good way to protect yourself and your partner during sex. Heavy breathing spreads the virus further, but a mask helps stop that spread.


Try mutual masturbation

In the time of social distancing, masturbating together in the same room is a less risky option. You masturbate separately, but you can still be in the same place getting yourselves off without touching each other.

one-night stands

Try virtual sex

Your hesitation to have physical contact with someone new is a chance to explore other types of sexual contact. Include sexting, phone sex, and sex over video chat. Believe us – it will be fun, and you can still get your orgasm! 


Lesbian sex: Everything you need to know before you try it

Did you decide to have sex with another woman for the first time? Well, welcome to the amazing world of being a bisexual, a lesbian, or an otherwise questioning woman. If you don’t like labels, that’s okay too!

Your first time having lesbian sex can be pretty daunting and nerve-racking. So, if you need some tips on how to have lesbian sex, we’re here to help. 

Making out is wonderful (sweet mouths, conditioned lips, softness), and everyone loves playing with some awesome boobs, right? However, when it comes to the downstairs area, many girls get nervous when confronted with another vagina. First, we must clarify something. The lesbian porn you have watched is not realistic at all. So, if you were confident because you have watched a lot of porn, scratch that. All vaginas are different and they need different stimulation.  


So, if you need some help on how to have lesbian sex, here is everything you need to know. 

You are not expected to be an expert at lesbian sex 

You must tell the woman you want to have sex with that it is your first time. If you are attracted to her and comfortable with this woman to want sex, you shouldn’t ruin the moment and mood by keeping your virginity a secret from her. 

And yes, it is okay to ask for guidance. Also, it is very hot for someone to tell you what to do with a sexy voice. It is crucial to communicate even during the act. And don’t be afraid or ashamed to say you have changed your mind about something. Trust your instincts and your partner to have enjoyable lesbian sex. 

Begin with mutual masturbation

If you want to learn how her body works and how your body responds to your partner, mutual masturbation is a sexy and amazing way to do that. Playing with your bodies is hot and the easiest way to learn what turns her on and how to do it like a lesbian goddess.

Also, it is important to have solo masturbation sessions. It is high time to learn how to masturbate like a pro. Believe us – your sex life will become more enjoyable once you get to know your body properly. 

lesbian sex

Giving oral sex

Maybe this is the scariest thing when you have lesbian sex for the first time. Unfortunately, the hardest aspect of girl-on-girl sex is to give advice that fits all. However, starting slowly is always a good idea.

Part their outer labia gently and lick up from the entrance to the clitoris. You should lick up and down the labia. Be focused on the clitoris and lick around it with a circular motion. Don’t forget to vary the pressure. Insert a finger (or fingers) only if she is okay with that. 


Understand fingering 

Most women achieve orgasm with clitoral stimulation. However, every woman’s body is different, so some may enjoy fast friction to the clitoris, while others may enjoy gently and slowly rubbing the outer lips. 

Do not be discouraged if you have to go through trial and error with your new partner.

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Ladies, here is how to master the cowgirl position

Okay, we have all heard of this position, but we know that it can still be intimidating! Being on top can be a little awkward for women.

The cowgirl position comes with a whole set of questions. So, we have decided to break down everything you want to know about the cowgirl sex position. 

What to do with the hands? What to do with the hips? What to do if your legs get tired? How to keep the rhythm? Can your partner tell you ate a big burger today? But the hardest part of mastering the cowgirl position is getting in the right mindset to ensure you achieve your orgasm. 


However, we have some great “riding D” tips. Let’s start! 

The angle is everything for cowgirl 

Cowgirl does not mean you sit up straight on top of him at a 90-degree angle, but instead, you should lean forward slightly. In this way, you will get the most comfortable and the easiest penetration.

Spell the word “coconut” with your hips

Yes, you’ve read it right! This began as a Twitter trend, but it really works! Spelling “coconut” with your hips when you are on top will make everyone involved feel amazing! Using your hips to spell out this word in the cowgirl position requires a certain pattern of movement that feels wonderful.

The more you move when on top, the more complexity you will stimulate for both of you. Also, spelling a word will take your attention away from feelings like, ‘I feel nervous and exposed’ or ‘I am not sure how to move next’. Moving the hips toward a goal will give your mind something to think about, so it won’t fixate on any stressors. 

And yes, you can use any word you want. Any long word will require changes in direction, up-and-down, and round hip movement to stimulate great pleasure. 

Take over

Well, if you are all about making a cowgirl even hotter, you should hold his hands above their head. Better yet, you could use restraints or cuffs and tell him not to move. Taking the control away from your partner will drive him crazy! Any man would enjoy watching his partner as she shows him how she likes to ride.


Use your hands during cowgirl 

Don’t forget to experiment with your and your partner’s hands. Your partner should put his hands on your hips for extra leverage. Also, if you lean back and place your arms behind you and on his ankles or knees will shift your weight when you get tired. To make things even hotter for both of you, you should play with your nipples or caress your breasts.

cowgirl position

Be unpredictable

You should switch up the depth and speed of penetration so you don’t make a discernible pattern. It is best to start with fast, shallow thrusts, and let yourself slowly sink onto your partner every fourth thrust. But if you are struggling to find a rhythm, you can always alternate between grinding and bouncing or changing your speeds to suit your pleasure and comfort.

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Sex positions that will satisfy all your cravings

Be prepared for the wildest rides of your lives!

Which are the sex positions that can satisfy all your cravings? Well, the ones that can give you mind-blowing and simultaneous orgasms.

We know that simultaneous orgasms are a rare thing, despite what movies are trying to show. We all know that simultaneous orgasm is not a regular ending of sex. So, you are perfectly normal if you have orgasm earlier than your partner or vice versa. Even if you do not have an orgasm, you are normal, too. 


But, let’s be honest – it would be mind-blowing to have an orgasm at the same time, right? Riding the same wave together is bonding and intense and amazing! So, if you want to try to make it happen, here are the sex positions you should try. 

Cock block

If the male partner is faster to get to the big-O, then a lot of clitoris stimulation and deep penetration can speed the things for the woman. Also, you should straddle him to slow him down and keep him from thrusting up. For an even better experience, the man can put on a vibrating penis ring so he can last longer, and the woman will get some vibrations. 

sex positions

The tandem bike

We always say how communication is important in a relationship. Well, communication is also important for your sex life. Simultaneous orgasm is all about getting the stimulation both of you need, so you need to communicate a lot during the sex. For this sex position, you will need a reliable sex toy. The woman needs to be on top, and you should tell each other when you are getting close to orgasm and adjust your speeds. Pull the toy out to cool down or put it on full power. 

The guided tour

We know that many women do reach orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex, but you will have fun trying! The difference in this sex position is that you will bring up extra stimulation. Hop up on a countertop or barstool. In that way, you can use a sex toy without it getting in the way. 

sex positions

The simulcast

If one partner is faster at getting to the big-O, you should take breaks to focus only on the slower partner’s pleasure. Use sex toys, hands, and mouth to get him/her close to orgasm, and then move back to something mutual. The break will slow one person down but speed up the other. 


Mission possible

Penis-in-vagina sex is stimulating to the man but not so much to the woman. So, the man needs to focus his movement on the pubic bone rubbing against the vulva, instead of the out and in a thrust. This sex position has all the benefits of the regular missionary – the feel of the man on top of the woman and the eye contact, but the man rubbing on the woman will make a huge difference! Do you know what is another thing that will help? Yes, you guessed – a vibrating penis ring or a couple’s vibrator! 

sex positions

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