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Psychological thrillers that you will want to watch twice

Tired of quarantine? We understand that it is not easy for anyone to sit at home all the time, especially when the weather is nice outside.

To not get bored in isolation, we are offering you interesting psychological thrillers that will keep you in front of the screen until the very end.

These psychological thrillers are rife with plot twists and complex interpersonal relationships, and you will keep guessing every step of the way. And believe us – you won’t predict their ending, so you will want to watch them twice to see what you had missed.

Se7en (1995)

Can we start by saying that Brad Pitt is starring in this masterpiece? Two homicide detectives hunt a sociopath serial killer that commits brazen and bizarre murders that follow in the vein of the seven deadly sins. Oh, and a young Gwyneth Paltrow plays David Mills’ (Brad Pitt’s) adoring wife.

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Shutter Island (2010)

Based on Dennis Lehane’s book, Shutter Island takes place in 1954 and begins with an investigation conducted by a federal marshal to find a murderer who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. You cannot even imagine what happens in the island-bound hospital. It is an amazingly-shot movie with great performances by Ben Kingsley and Leonardo DiCaprio. The unnerving plot twists will keep you on the edge.

psychological thrillers

Black Swan (2010) 

This movie is about a ballerina whose obsession with dance takes over her life. Natalie Portman won a Best Actress Oscar playing the lead, Nina Sayers, in Black Swan. To win prima ballerina status, Nina must play both the role of cunning, sensuous Black Swan and the innocent, pure Swan Queen. While Nina is a front-runner for Queen, her competition, Lily (Mila Kunis), embodies the Black Swan perfectly. You will get to see how their twisted friendship unravels, as they compete.

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Gone Girl (2014)

Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck bring Flynn’s novel to life as Amy and Nick Dunne, the wife and husband in Gone Girl, a thriller with some dramatic turns and twists. When Amy goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary, the husband becomes the prime suspect and media frenzy follows.

psychological thrillers

Swallow (2019)

Everything in Hunter’s life is perfect: she has friends, a rich husband who loves her, and a big house. The only thing she missed was a baby. But when she finally gets pregnant, disturbing things start to happen. Swallow shows Hunter’s obsession to swallow, not to eat as if someone else is controlling her.

psychological thrillers

If you love thrillers, you probably know that the Spanish ones are the best! So, we suggest two that you must watch! 

The hidden face (2011) 

Original title: La Cara oculta 

The story of The Hidden Face follows Adriàn, a conductor from Spain who has been brought to Bogota to conduct the local philharmonic orchestra. As the movie opens, he is watching a video left for him by his girlfriend Belén in which she tells him she is leaving. Adriàn soon meets a new girl, and she moves into his enormous house. Strange things start happening in the house, and she starts to question exactly what happened to Belén.   

The Hidden Face (2011) - HD Movie Watch Online - Watch24Hrs

The Body (2012)

Original title: El cuerpo 

This Spanish thriller will have you on the edge of your seat until the end. What starts as a mystery concerning the disappearance of a corpse from the morgue soon turns into a game of cat and mouse as nothing is what it seems and not even the dead can be trusted. The atmosphere of suspense and tension remains throughout the whole movie. The final part is amazing and it will leave you with an open mouth.

psychological thrillers


Relaxed tiny kitten having a spa day: Cuteness overload

Watch this tiny kitten having a blast in the spa! It will make your day!

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Miley Cyrus opens up about her alcohol addiction

The Disney alum has always been open about her experience with alcohol and drugs. And like many people during the pandemic, she has gone through some ups and downs with substance.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Miley Cyrus has discussed her journey with sobriety, and she honestly opened up about relapsing.

Miley Cyrus opened up about her alcohol problems, saying she stopped drinking again, mainly because she feared she would die at the age of 27. This age was the end for many of her colleagues such as Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, and Jim Morrison.


Apple Music’s Zane Lowe asked the singer about her sobriety. Miley Cyrus clarified that recently during the pandemic she had broken her sobriety by drinking alcohol, but at the time of the interview, she was two weeks sober. She admitted that she fell off during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she has finally realized that she shouldn’t be furious with herself, but ask herself what exactly happened. 

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus completely gave up alcohol 

This summer, she said that she did not decide to give up alcohol completely. But the singer has since learned that she is ‘not a moderation person’. She thinks that everyone should do what is best for them. Miley said that she doesn’t have a problem with drinking, but she has a problem with the impulsive decisions she makes once she goes past that level. She says it is not difficult for her to stay away from alcohol, but as soon as she drinks a glass, she loses control. 

That is why she decided to eliminate alcohol from her lifestyle. Miley Cyrus added that she is a disciplined person: That is why it is easy for her to be sober once she decides.


Miley was afraid that she will die at the age of 27

In June, after undergoing vocal surgery, Cyrus shared that she had not drunk alcohol for six months due to her surgery. 

In time, however, she began to wonder where her unhealthy relationship with alcohol came from. The singer realized that the problems in her family played a big part in this. Her parents were divorced and her father took care of her alone, and in the meantime, he had addiction problems.


However, in the last 2-3 months, Miley drank more but began to fear joining the so-called “Club 27”. This refers to a group of musicians who died before the age of 28. Losing a lot of music icons at the age of 27 made her stop drinking. Miley, who turned 28 on November 23, said that she wanted to protect herself. 

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Jennifer Lopez poses nude for the cover art of her new song

The 51-year-old singer posted on social media on Wednesday a jaw-dropping nude photo of herself. The photo serves as the cover art for her new single “In the Morning.”

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