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Rich celebrities who live modestly

How would you live your life if you were a celebrity with a lot of money? Would you live a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle or would you live like a ‘normal’ person?

Although it is difficult to believe, there are a few rich celebrities who can do whatever they want, but they choose to live as average income earners. 

These rich celebrities spend their money smartly. They do not splurge on things that are not necessary. So, not all rich celebrities have enormous mansions, expensive car and yacht collections, or private islands.


However, for these rich celebrities luxury is not important at all, and they live almost as ordinary people do.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene knows how difficult it is to earn money because she has worked as a nanny since the age of 10. She thinks that has had a positive effect on her. As a young person, it helped her feel free and independent. But she never thought she needed a lot of money. The young actress usually spends her money on travel and experiences, instead of on branded clothes and yachts.

Ed Sheeran

The singer is already known for his modesty – even when performing, he wears comfortable clothes such as jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers. He even buys things on sale. Also, Ed rarely uses a car, and he usually takes a taxi or subway.

Kristen Bell

Bell and her husband Shephard are both known for their modest lifestyle. She even uses coupons when she buys stuff. Their net worth is estimated at $18 million, but they avoid unnecessary spending. Also, they did not spend much on their wedding but chose a courthouse ceremony only.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo has a net worth of more than $200 million, but he does not live like he is a rich man. He puts the majority of his income into his savings. Also, he is dedicated to advocating for environmental causes. He owns only one car and that car is a Toyota Prius. Okay, he did spend two and a half million dollars to buy an island that is located near Belize. However, he puts a lot of effort into raising millions for wildlife preservation causes.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah has appeared in several major films and television series. However, she is known as one of Hollywood’s most modest and humble actresses. With a net worth of almost $100 million, she could have a luxurious lifestyle, but she chooses not to. She comes from a large, poor family who didn’t have enough food and clothing. As we can see, the actress has certainly turned that around. 

She is married to the actor Matthew Broderick, and they have three kids together. Her kids even wear clothing that has been handed down. The couple is careful with their money.

Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling

Eva and Ryan are one of the most private celebrity couples – they never talk about their lives or their children. Unlike most celebrities, they do not hire nannies, but they take care of their children on their own. 

rich celebrities

The famous couple wants to protect the children from the public, and they never organize big celebrations with many famous guests.


Jennifer Lopez poses nude for the cover art of her new song

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Beyoncé in British Vogue: She looks more stunning than ever

Businesswoman, artist, and perfectionist – the one-woman powerhouse shares some interesting things about her in an interview with the magazine.

Beyoncé has been revealed as the cover star for British Vogue’s December issue. Vogue announced that with the rollout of three different covers. 

The first picture features Beyoncé on the ground wearing her new Ivy Park drop in a bright lime color, the other depicts the singer wearing a Mugler bodysuit, and the third features her squatting in a power-shoulders Alexander McQueen ensemble.


All pictures look flawless. In one of the photos! We must admit that she looks the most beautiful in the long red dress with an open back, which emphasizes her figure and has an interesting detail on her buttocks.


Kennedi Carter, a photographer whose work mainly focuses on Black subjects, shot the pictures. 

Her appearance in the issue comes with a rare and special interview conducted by Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. They spoke over Zoom, and the producer, musician, and fashion designer admitted that the events of 2020 have changed her.

Beyoncé plans to slow down and have fun

She had learned that she needs to stay calm and still. Now, she truly cherished the time spent with her family. She said for Vogue that her new goal is to slow down and shed stressful things from her life.

Also, her most important goal is to have fun. We know that fun feels like a radical act right now, considering everything that is happening in the world.  However, at 39, she is a woman happy in herself, in her prime, happy in her healthy body, so she wants to claim the power of that. 


The singer reminds us of the impact of joy 

In the middle of this madness, Beyoncé́ wants us to remember the impact and rebelliousness of a simple concept: joy. We mustn’t forget to find joy wherever and whenever we can! 

However, in the interview, she speaks also about the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how these events affected her as a parent. Beyoncé has three children with husband Jay-Z – Bu Ivy, and twins Rumi and Sir. She says that her job as a parent is to do her best for her family to live in a more positive and safer environment. 


She admitted that she has been working non-stop – she has put out projects constantly.  Beyoncé released Lemonade during the Formation world tour, became a mother to the twins, played at Coachella, directed the concert film Homecoming, had another world tour with her husband, and then directed the film Black Is King. We can see that she has been focusing a lot on building her legacy and representing her culture the best way she can. Now, we can understand her decisions to give herself time and permission to focus on her joy.

We urge you all to find joy in these difficult times, and don’t be hard on yourself! 

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