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“Taboo” sex acts that you need to accept them as normal

It is 2020, so the world is finally reaching a new era of sexual awakening.

But even despite this, people still think about some sex acts as being “taboo”. When you stop thinking that, you might experience the best orgasm ever! 

It is good to see that many people, sex toy companies, and activists are encouraging sex exploration and pleasure. People are discussing openly sex with their friends over a beer, and they are picking up sex tips from the internet. 

However, there have been major strides to remove the negative connotations associated with self-pleasure and sex, there are still some taboo sex topics people do not discuss – with their partners or friends. 


But if you stop looking at certain sex acts as being “taboo,” you could enjoy sex more.

Sex without penetration

Sex also doesn’t always have to involve something going inside of your partner or you. People should realize that you don’t need a penis to experience pleasure. And many women can orgasm without penetration, just by stimulating the clitoris. So, you should define and have sex however you want. 

Period sex

Okay, many couples avoid period sex because they consider (or at least one of them considers) it weird or taboo. But this shouldn’t be the case! With an extra cleanup and a little preparation, the sex can be fun like always! However, you should know that sex during this period can worsen or alleviate bloating pain and cramps, so you should do what feels good for your body. But first, you need to try!   

Online sex

As you know, we are facing a global pandemic, which has made virtual sex the only safe option. But even when all this madness ends, we don’t have to forget about online sex. Forget the days when virtual sex was relegated to the shady chat rooms. Don’t consider it “off-limits” if you want to share hot photos, send sexy messages via voice note or text, or even have a video sex. 

Booty play

Yes, this applies to both men and women. There are a lot of nerve endings around and in the anus that make everyone feel wonderful. You don’t have to include penetration for fun anal play – there is great sensation around the whole booty region! Anal play and sex remain taboo due to a lack of information about how to do it pleasurably and painlessly. So, it is time to educate you about anal sex.



Pegging is often used to refer to a cisgender, hetero woman strapping on a dildo and penetrating a cisgender, hetero man. Unfortunately, anal sex is historically associated as a “gay men sex act,” so many straight men do not consider pegging even if they find it arousing. But, you should know that how you receive pleasure doesn’t determine your sexuality.

taboo sex acts

As we said, anal play and sex can be great for both men and women, but being the one who is experiencing the sexiness and power that can come from wearing a dildo can be super-hot and life-changing for some.


Car sex can actually slay with these tips

Even though you might associate car sex with your teenage years, we promise it hits differently as an adult.

Not only car sex is a great change of pace, but you can also easily mix things up by restraining your partner or yourself with a seatbelt. 

Now, as an adult, your car is like a bonus place to have sex when you already have a hot sex life that has seen a kitchen, a couch, maybe even a roof of some building. See what we mean?


In the movies, car sex always looks hot! We have seen the passionate, steamy, hand-against-the-window car sex. . And, the participants look super comfortable. But, is it always like that? We all know the answer. But, if the thought of getting sweaty with your partner in the car sounds hot to you, we have some tips to make the car sex more comfortable and practical for both of you. 

Ladies, wear a dress or a skirt 

We know that being naked is hot, but so is not getting arrested. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the curiosity of passersby if any when you are parked.  A flowy dress or skirt will hide your business. Also, you get great, easy access.  For obvious reasons, make sure you do this at night. Also, it is more romantic with the stars and moon setting the mood. No one can resist the hot moonlit glow on the body. 

Choose comfortable positions 

There is not a lot of space, so you have to make good use of that little space you do have. Our advice is to recline the seat back as far as you can. It is best if your back seat lay down. Also, you can try having sex in the trunk or even on the bed of the truck for more comfort.

Have a lot of lube with you

You won’t be able to try some interesting positions or have long foreplay, so you need to have plenty of lubrication on hand. Don’t forget to lay a blanket on the seat, because chances are big that you will spill everywhere from the lube.

Car Sex

Buckle up

You can easily throw some BDSM play in there. All cars come with bondage accessories. Yes, we are talking about the seat belts. You or your partner should sit in the passenger seat and then just click the belt into place. Order your partner to lift the hands over the head, and use whatever you have to bind them to the headrest. Then, you can have your wicked way with them.

Spoon sex is the best car sex 

The most comfortable back seat option is spoon sex, not missionary since it can feel claustrophobic. Also, no one will be able to see you in this position. You should just move the front seats forward and your seatbacks upright. The man should lie across the back seat and you in front of him, so your back is pressed against his chest. 


Have solo sex

For all our single girls and boys out there: Car sex doesn’t have to involve a partner. If you want to get away from the world, put on your favorite songs or porno, and take the time to enjoy yourself.

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The ultimate sex tips you want to know

Nobody wants to get into a rut, and including new tricks and techniques is what keeps sex so intimate and refreshing. The never-ending curiosity around sex is what makes it a dynamic part of our lives. We are constantly asking ourselves, “Are we doing it correctly? What else can we try?”

Experimentation is a normal part of being a sexual being. Here are the ultimate sex tips to help you understand what works in the bedroom. 


Tell your partner what turns you on 

You should know by now that better communication means better sex. Communication doesn’t just include dirty talk. Telling your partner what you like and don’t is informative and instructional, no matter how much you think you know your bodies and preferences in bed. 

If your partner is doing something you are into, tell them, instead of relying on noises or gestures. And if it is something you don’t like, tell that and guide them in the right direction. Do you want to try a different position or angle? Suggest one. Take action.

Watch porn with your partner

Watching porn together is one of the best sex tips you will get! Porn will turn both of you on, so you will want to shut it off and have some action in the bedroom. It can also give you inspiration for new moves, or just bring you closer, and make you even closer. 

Give yourself enough time to get aroused

Science says that your body needs 45 minutes to get properly turned on. So, next time you should slow things down and enjoy the foreplay fully. The more turned on you are, the more mind-blowing the sex will be. 

Use your tongue during sex as well

Your tongue isn’t just for the foreplay. Your tongue is strong, textured, and self-lubricating, so don’t forget to use it! The tongue can be very powerful during sex. From the dirty talk, licking, kissing, whatever you want – your tongue will make wonders. Your partner will enjoy it!

Experiment with props and toys

It is advisable for couples, especially long-term couples, to enhance their sexual experience by shopping for sex products and toys together. You can buy whatever you want – just do the shopping together. Choose blindfolds, body paint, massage oils, different sex toys – the options are limitless.

Also, if you want a hot atmosphere, don’t forget to add music as sexy background noise. You can massage one another. Obviously, the massage needs to have a happy end. You will feel your libido rise after the massages. 

Focus on quality

Stop focusing on quantity – there is no right amount of sex per week! Try having quality sex, which will make both of you satisfied. More sex does not mean better sex – don’t forget that. You could have sex once a week and be satisfied with your sex life.  

sex tips

Don’t worry if you and your partner are not screwing like rabbits. Having better sex pays off in the long run. Your job is to focus on how much pleasure you both are experiencing during sex.


Try sex games

There are a lot of sex games you could play with your partner that will turn you both on. You don’t necessarily need a special card deck or a board. Make your own games if you like – just two willing participants are enough for having a fun time.

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Things you need to know before you try pegging

Pegging is still a mystery to some people, but it’s time we all get educated about it.

There are many ways to try prostate play, whether using anal toys or fingering, but there is also pegging and if you are into it, go for it! 

Do you know those wonderful, deep, mind-blowing orgasms when you hit your G-spot? Well, people with penises have a G-spot. Yes, we are talking about the prostate. Stimulating their prostates can produce amazing sensations and orgasm. 


Okay, what exactly is pegging?

Pegging is when anyone without a penis wears a harness with a strap-on dildo and penetrates their partner anally. Don’t worry – the dildo can be as small or big as you want! So, you need to give your penis-having partner a butt action! 

And yes, people of all gender identities and sexualities can use a strap-on, but pegging usually refers to a male being penetrated by a female. If your partner is a man, and you’re a woman, you should know that pegging is still heterosexual sex. 

If you are ready for a change in your sex life, experimenting with pegging will change the ways in how both of you give and receive pleasure. However, pegging won’t change your sexual orientations. So, no, pegging, or anal penetration in general, is not “gay.”

How to find your partner’s prostate

To pleasure your partner’s prostate, first, you need to find it. The prostate is the male G-spot, and you can read everything about it here. And like the female G-spot, the male G-spot responds to firm but gentle pressure, massage, and come-hither movement. 

It is like a kidney-bean-sized gland, located inside your partner’s anus about 2 to 3 inches in on the front side of their body. It is easier to find it if your partner is turned on because it swells and becomes firmer during arousal. 

Pegging means power

With pegging, you can play with gender roles and power. It is an amazing sexual play in deliciously wrong space. The taboos that surround this sex act make for more satisfaction. You should know that penetration will be vulnerable, especially for a man who is unfamiliar with the feeling. 

Many women enjoy the power of being in charge of the thrusting. It can feel scary and intimidating at first, but being the one who is controlling the sex can be hot! Pegging will give you the power of controlling pleasure and pace. You will experience a whole other emotional experience, and so will be your partner. 


What will you need for successful pegging? 

Making sure you get the right equipment is important for having a wonderful first experience. Here are the things you will need: 


  • Dildos. Choose dildos that will fit your partner’s ass. It is better to start smaller and move up with time. You need to make this a positive experience for your partner, and not a painful one. Also, you should choose soft silicone. 
  • A solid strap on harness. You should get a quality, two-strap harness. Well, nobody wants a floppy dildo, right? Or you can choose an underwear harness or a corset type. 
  • Lube. Okay, we think this one is obvious. Lubrication is the most important since the ass is not self-lubricating. Choose a water-based lubricant, which is good for pegging or other toy plays, as well.

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