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The most iconic fashion movies

Whether it is a documentary into a designer’s first collection of a major fashion house, a vintage classic with flawless costumes, or some modern fashion, these are the movies every fashion gal should add to their watch list, ASAP.

If you are a bona fide fashion devotee (which we are assuming you’re, since you are here), there are some iconic fashion movies you must see!  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

This is probably the most iconic fashion movie in all cinematic history. Audrey Hepburn’s black Givenchy gown, velvet gloves, and diamond necklace is the most iconic outfit ever! Holly Golightly will stay a style icon forever.

You can now eat breakfast at Tiffany's in real life - ABC News

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Okay, this is the fashion movie you simply need to watch at least three times. We have to thank Meryl Streep for that. She was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Miranda Priestly. She was a veiled caricature of Anna Wintour. Also, in this fashion movie, you get to see Anne Hathaway’s 2000s Chanel outfit and an appearance by Gisele Bündchen as a bitchy magazine staffer.

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Atonement (2007)

When we say the word ‘Atonement’ we immediately think of Keira Knightley’s green dress when she is smoking outside an old manor house. Every other outfit in this movie is exceptional too, and we challenge you to watch this movie without crying like a child.

Sex and the City (2008)

The fashion week, the bridal photo shoot, the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, the Manolo Blahnik’s shoes, and all in between, make Sex and the City a fashion masterpiece! Maybe this movie is not as good as the series, but it certainly holds its value in the fashion stakes.

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Coco before Chanel (2009)

Audrey Tatou’s role as Chanel focuses on the designer’s life before she became the legend she is today. Gabrielle Chanel is working as a part-time seamstress and has a dream of making hats for women of French high society. Well, one more proof that dreams do come true. 

Coco Before Chanel (2009)

Dior and I (2014)

This documentary focuses on Raf Simons’ first collection for couture house Christian Dior. It emphasizes the pressure put on fashion designers in this digital age, and it predicts Simons’ unexpected departure from powerhouse Dior after less than 4 years at the helm.

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A Simple Favor (2018)

This movie is a fashion tour de force and all thanks to Blake Lively. She is a fashion industry employee that dresses mostly in three-piece power suits inspired by the movie’s director, Paul Feig. He is famous for wearing suits on every occasion. Blake looks at her best in a series of candy-colored menswear looks. We must admit, this is one of our favorite fashion movies!

A Simple Favor Halloween Costume: Dress Like Blake Lively | Blake ...

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

This is a story about one of the wealthiest families in Asia and their extravagant lifestyles. So, this blockbuster features major couture moments from the cast. From the vintage looks worn by Gemma Chan (Astrid Leong in the movie) to the Swarovski- covered wedding dress worn by the bride Araminta Lee, you will get to enjoy iconic fashion moments.  

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Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé (2019)

Besides confirming once again that Beyoncé is the best performer of our age, her documentary is also a feast for fashion fans. It documents her preparation for the iconic Coachella set in 2018, featuring an entire wardrobe designed by the creative director Olivier Rousteing.

Beyonce Homecoming Documentary Debuts on Netflix

Pretty Woman (1990)

Last, but not least, this movie is a classic! Just think about the thigh-high boots. Or the diamond necklace (that costs $250,000). Okay, let’s not forget the off-the-shoulder red dress which every woman wants to have! We love everything about this movie!  It is one of the most iconic fashion movies!

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Britney is brutally honest after the documentary about her life

More than two months have passed since the premiere of the controversial documentary about Britney Spears.

However, the singer has decided recently to talk about the documentary. On Instagram, she shared that she did not look at it, but cried for two weeks after the premiere.

She emphasized that the media and the public have always condemned her. In February, the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” was released, which focuses on the injustice that was inflicted on Britney during her career.


The controversial documentary shows the most difficult moments in the pop star’s life, including the incident when she shaved her head, as well as that her father has legal custody of her work, giving him almost complete control over her life.

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The documentary showed that Britney Spears is a victim of the paparazzi

The documentary showed that Britney was a victim of the American media and paparazzi, who followed her every step, even when the singer desperately begged them to leave her alone.

Due to the disturbing content and portrayal of the ordeal that Britney survived, a huge number of people, including many celebrities, gave her their support, trying to raise awareness of the awful situation of the singer.

Those who support her think that Britney definitely does not need help from a legal guardian because the singer has been quite active for the last few years – she has performed regularly in Las Vegas and managed to release several albums.

Britney was silent about the documentary but now decided to share her opinion.


On her Instagram account, she shared a video of herself dancing to Crazy by Aerosmith, and in the description, she openly says what impact the documentary had on her:

“My life has always been very speculated …

watched… and judged really my whole life! For my sanity, I need to dance to @iamstevent every night of my life to feel wild and human and alive! I have been exposed my whole life performing in front of people! It takes a lot of strength to TRUST the universe with your real vulnerability cause I’ve always been so judged… insulted… and embarrassed by the media… and I still am to this day! As the world keeps on turning and life goes on we still remain so fragile and sensitive as people! I didn’t watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in … I cried for two weeks and well… I still cry sometimes! I do what I can in my spirituality with myself to try and keep my joy … love … and happiness! Everyday dancing brings me joy! I’m not here to be perfect … perfect is boring … I’m here to pass on kindness!”

Britney is currently fighting a legal battle with her father over legal custody. Recently, her lawyer asked the judges to assign the role of legal guardian to someone else. Britney allegedly agreed to have a legal guardian; she just does not want that person to be her father.


Britney also said that she will not perform at all as long as her father has control over her life, and so far she keeps her word.

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How do the royals feel after Meghan Markle and Harry’s interview?

Here you can find everything the royals have said about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah Interview. Multiple royals have broken their silence.

Nothing was off-limits during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah, as the couple dropped multiple bombshells over two hours. 

They discussed many topics. Some of them were Meghan Markle’s experience with racism from the royals and her mental health issues. Also, Prince Harry’s strained relationship with Prince Charles and Prince William, false claims that Meghan Markle made Kate Middleton cry ahead of the royal wedding.

The interview reportedly put the Queen, Prince William, and Prince Charles in all-day crisis talks. If you watch The Crown, you know that the royals abide by the motto of “never complain, never explain,” but a few members of the family have issued official statements about the claims. 


Here is how each member of the royals has reacted to Megan and Harry’s interview with Oprah.

The Queen 

Only two days after the interview, Buckingham Palace issued a brief statement on behalf of the Queen. They did not take accountability and included the phrase “recollections may vary,” making clear they would be handling this privately.

Meghan Markle - royals

“The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry, Meghan, and Archie will always be much-loved family members. ENDS.”

Prince Charles

This member of the Royal Family has not given an official statement yet about his son’s interview. During a royal engagement, journalists asked him about it, but the prince simply smiled in response.

However, insiders made it clear that he is upset about the claims made in the interview. A source said that he thinks that the family could have addressed these matters privately and that is not okay Harry trashing his family in public. Also, Prince Charles is concerned that there could be many interviews in the future that will bash the royals’ way of life.

Prince William

According to some sources, he was devastated by the interview. But he broke his silence during the royal engagement 4 days after the interview took place. While leaving together with his wife, Prince William publicly addresses the race row sparked by the ex-royal couple’s interview.  He said he has not spoken to his brother yet and that the royals are not a racist family.

Kate Middleton 

Meghan Markle talked about her relationship with Middleton during her interview with Oprah, saying that the reports that she made Kate cry were false. What is more, she said that it was the reverse. Kate has not made any statements on Markle’s comments yet, although some sources say that she was in shock after the interview. What shocked her most were Markle’s suicidal thoughts and the mentioning of Archie’s skin color. 

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Other sources tell that the duchesses have not spoken to both Meghan and Harry in over a year due to tensions between William and Harry:

“They were never that close, but the reason they’re not speaking is because of the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William. Harry and William have communicated sparingly over the last year, but none of their communications have been friendly in quite some time. There is real animosity that the brothers have toward one another, and that has spilled over to Meghan and Kate’s relationship, making it very hard for them to be friends or even friendly.”

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What did Lopez and Rodriguez say about canceling their wedding?

Do you remember that only last weekend you heard the news of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s alleged breakup?

Well, it truly felt like the world was ending! Thankfully, though, Lopez and Rodriguez still appear to be in a relationship. 

Also, some sources are telling that they are doing whatever it takes to stay together.


Did Alex cheat on Lopez?

There were rumors that Alex was cheating with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. Well, now it appears that it did not happen or is not contributing to the issues they’re working through. We must admit that it is all vague, and we have a strong sense that this is not the end of J-Lo and Alex’s drama.

The surprising news said the couple called off their engagement amid the explosive rumors about Alex Face Timing with Madison. The Southern Charm star said that it was only a friendly chat. While Jennifer and Alex haven’t addressed the rumor publicly, LeCroy spoke about it herself, saying she and Rodriguez have never met up, but they simply spoke on the phone. So, it appears that they are only acquaintances.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split as they call off two-year  engagement -

Lopez and Rodriguez are going to therapy

Last month, J-Lo said they were going to a couple’s therapies, and things between them sounded promising. She said that she missed being more creative and active, but Alex actually loved being at home with the kids and her. He was feeling really good.

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However, she said that they had to work on themselves, so that’s why they are doing therapy. She thought that it was really helpful for them in their relationship.

After all these rumors, Rodriguez flew to the Dominican Republic, and Lopez was excited to see him in person, according to a source who is allegedly close to J-Lo. It appears that they want to spend time together to figure out everything.

Jennifer and Alex have been receiving a lot of press regarding their separation, so these days were stressful and upsetting for both of them. One thing is sure – she and Alex have many issues they hope they can work through. We are happy to say that they seem willing to do everything in their power to stay together. 

Ex-Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez back 'together' days  after ending engagement

They did a joint statement finally 

Lopez and Rodriguez gave a joint statement denying that the separation ever happened. “All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things.” We must mention, that in the statement they said that the things they are working through have nothing to do with a third person, which is referring to those Madison affair allegations.

But we all remember that in a virtual interview with Ellen back in April 2020; Jennifer said their wedding plans are on pause due to COVID-19. “We are just kind of in a holding pattern like the rest of the world,” she added. “So, again, it’s just something we have to wait and see in a few months how this all pans out.”

Fast-forward almost a year later and things still have not changed. However, fingers crossed that they can continue working on their relationship and come out of this stronger than ever!

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