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Which characteristics make the zodiac signs good, and what bad friends?

As much as you love your friends, they certainly have their flaws. You are probably aware of them, but that is what makes your friendship so sincere.

If you believe in astrology as we do, then you know that people’s characteristics can depend a lot on their zodiac signs. 

Well, for all the bad and good characteristics of your friends, astrology is to blame! Here is what makes zodiac signs good and bad friends:


Good characteristics: Aries will always be there for you. Also, if you need encouragement to do something, Aries is an expert for that!

Bad characteristics: Sometimes Aries is impulsive and even childish, and if you point these things out to them, they will probably be offended. 


Good characteristics: Once you become a part of their life, Taurus will do everything for you.

Bad characteristics: Taurus is stubborn and hard to convince. Another problem may be their brutal sincerity – Tauruses will tell you directly when they don’t like something.


Good characteristics: They are interesting, so you will never be bored with them! They are always here for you if you need a conversation.

Bad characteristics: Sometimes Gemini is so focused on their opinion that they don’t listen to others at all. This will be a problem when you will have different opinions about a certain topic. 

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Good characteristics: Cancers is one of the most dedicated zodiac signs. If you have a bad day – the Cancer is there to cheer you up. If you need encouragement – the Cancer is there for that too. 

Bad characteristics: If you don’t pay enough attention to them, you will hurt their feelings. Also, Cancers can be jealous of your other friends.


Good characteristics: Leos will celebrate your successes. Whatever you need to celebrate, Leo will be happy to organize the party.

Bad characteristics: Leos have a big heart, but also a big ego. Well, if they think you don’t appreciate them enough, there will be problems. And if they think you are competing with them, they will do their best to beat you.


Good characteristics: Virgos need time to get close to someone, so once you have a Virgo friend, you can be sure they love you. Virgos will motivate you to fulfill your goals, and they will always be sincere with you.

Bad characteristics: Virgos set high standards, and sometimes do the same for their friends. If you do not follow their advice, they may even get angry.

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Good characteristics: Libra is sociable and will always help you meet new people. They want to have fun and will always make sure you have a great time, too.

Bad characteristics: Libra does not like conflicts, so if there is a problem between you, they are more likely to leave than to talk about it.


Good characteristics: Scorpios are not afraid of your darkest thoughts and secrets. Well, you can share everything with them without fear of being judged.

Bad characteristics: If you hurt your Scorpio friend, be prepared for the harshest punishment. 


Good characteristics: If you need someone to cheer you up, call the Sagittarius. These people are optimistic and adventurous and you will never get bored with them.

Bad characteristics: If the Sagittarius thinks that you are no longer a fun person, he/she will remove you from their life without hesitation.

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Good characteristics: No matter what your problem is, Capricorn is there to save you. These people will not let anything bad happen to you and will always offer you their support.

Bad characteristics: Capricorns are the most hard-working sign in the zodiac, so sometimes they can ask you to do the same. They can tell you that you are not trying hard enough and even call you lazy.


Good characteristics: Aquarius is a perfect friend for deep and serious conversations. They have different views of the world and you can learn a lot from them.

Bad characteristics: On the other hand, Aquarius is quite an independent person and does not always need to be in touch with their friends. From time to time, they isolate themselves, and this means that they will be unavailable when you need them.

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Good characteristics: Sometimes we all need a person who will understand us, and Pisces can do that. Their intuition is good, and even if you don’t say anything, Pisces knows how you feel, and what advice you need.

Bad characteristics: However, Pisces does not cope well with making decisions. They often impose this on their friends, and very often they change their minds. So, this is problematic when you need to make a plan.


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Miley Cyrus opens up about her alcohol addiction

The Disney alum has always been open about her experience with alcohol and drugs. And like many people during the pandemic, she has gone through some ups and downs with substance.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Miley Cyrus has discussed her journey with sobriety, and she honestly opened up about relapsing.

Miley Cyrus opened up about her alcohol problems, saying she stopped drinking again, mainly because she feared she would die at the age of 27. This age was the end for many of her colleagues such as Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, and Jim Morrison.


Apple Music’s Zane Lowe asked the singer about her sobriety. Miley Cyrus clarified that recently during the pandemic she had broken her sobriety by drinking alcohol, but at the time of the interview, she was two weeks sober. She admitted that she fell off during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she has finally realized that she shouldn’t be furious with herself, but ask herself what exactly happened. 

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus completely gave up alcohol 

This summer, she said that she did not decide to give up alcohol completely. But the singer has since learned that she is ‘not a moderation person’. She thinks that everyone should do what is best for them. Miley said that she doesn’t have a problem with drinking, but she has a problem with the impulsive decisions she makes once she goes past that level. She says it is not difficult for her to stay away from alcohol, but as soon as she drinks a glass, she loses control. 

That is why she decided to eliminate alcohol from her lifestyle. Miley Cyrus added that she is a disciplined person: That is why it is easy for her to be sober once she decides.


Miley was afraid that she will die at the age of 27

In June, after undergoing vocal surgery, Cyrus shared that she had not drunk alcohol for six months due to her surgery. 

In time, however, she began to wonder where her unhealthy relationship with alcohol came from. The singer realized that the problems in her family played a big part in this. Her parents were divorced and her father took care of her alone, and in the meantime, he had addiction problems.


However, in the last 2-3 months, Miley drank more but began to fear joining the so-called “Club 27”. This refers to a group of musicians who died before the age of 28. Losing a lot of music icons at the age of 27 made her stop drinking. Miley, who turned 28 on November 23, said that she wanted to protect herself. 

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